Do you want to earn money online without any investment? Then I have a suggestion for you, in the online world fast and easy way to earn money is “YouTube”.

Yep, you heard me right!! From YouTube, you can earn that much money that you don’t need to ask for pocket money from your parents. I know what you are thinking right now.

How can I make money through YouTube?

Let me give you a brief intro about YouTube – YouTube is Google’s video venture where Google gives Adsense account to the person who use to upload video on their channel.

For this Adsense account, you can put Google ads in video and whenever viewers come and see your video and click on that ad you will get a little amount of money from it.

A simple trick to earn more money from YouTube is you have to increase viewer/subscriber to your channel, the more subscriber/ viewer you have more money you’ll get.

How to increase YouTube views/subscriber to make big money

Create useful video

To increase YouTube viewers on your channel you have to give them want they want. How about a video on “how to get more YouTube Views?” or “How to make Facebook account hack-proof” or any other topic which you think people are going to search on YouTube.

Use proper title and tags

When you are done uploading your video gives them the proper Title. Try to make your video unique and eye-catching so that viewers can’t stop them to watch that video. Give your video the proper tag. Tags help youtube to arrange your video systematically.

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Subscribe to other’s channels

Don’t be so mean to make friends around YouTube. Subscribe to other users’ channels and do comment on their videos and gently ask them to subscribe to you back if they want to by thanking them. It will help you to build up a community there.

Do self-promotion/advertise out their

Whenever you find any video useful or interesting, please leave a nice comment and rate the video Comments like “Hey it’s quite a helping video, even I am having few this kind of video in my channel hope you will like them” take you a long way in building a relationship and sometimes even bringing users to your youtube page.

Beware: self-promotion doesn’t mean spamming so never spam another channel it will create a bad impact on your channel.

Share your video

Try to share your video on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus. Sharing on social network can get you a lot of hits and make your video viral 🙂 If you also own a blog, write a blog post about your videos try to share them on web 2.0 video sites like Triond, Flixya, and InfoBarrel.

Customize your channel

Give your channel unique styles give them extra element design. Unique design always attracts people. Add your own brand icons and banners on your channel. Channel customization on youtube also allows selecting your top video to be placed on the top of the page.

Branding will always give a fresh look to the users and make your video channel stand out from the crowd.

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