In today’s world, people own very unique kind of pets. Some people have such pets which one even can’t think about. For example, iguana, lions, snakes etc. 

There is a fact that whatever pet you own, you have to take care of them more then you take care of yourself. Raising a pet is not less than raising a baby.

And so, which pet you think can be as cute as kid!

Well, Yes, It’s A Cat!

Do you think, cats are considered as the naughtiest pets?


Can Cats Have Almond Milk

Cats are sorry clever and sometimes even slap their masters. 


Doesn’t matter how rude they behave with you, but as their owner you have to take care of them as a baby. Isn’t?

And, the first thing to take care is their food or else they can be cranky too

So, what do you think can be the best meal for them?

If we are not wrong, the very first thought is MILK.


But, do you know, almost every third cat is allergic to milk or show some type of sensitivity toward food.

Now what?

And what if, we say, now it’s time to explore variety?


Well, let’s know more about the yummy meal for them!


Let’s not discuss further facts and jump into our main informative part!Have a look at the table of content which includes all the subheading of the article.

  • What is almond milk?
  • Almond Milk Nutrition Stats
  • What kind of milk can cats drink?
  • Is almond milk ok for cats?
  • Some precautions to Consider with Cats and Almond Milk

We are starting with the almond milk first. 

What is almond milk?

Can Cats Have Almond Milk

As the name suggests, almond milk is assembled from almonds. It has a very creamy texture and nutty flavor. The purpose of assembling almond milk is that lactose-intolerant people can consume it. It is lactose and cholesterol-free. Also it has no saturated fat. It comes in various flavors and tastes sweetened, unsweetened, vanilla, etc. 

Seems like good news for your little kitty, right!

So, lets know more!

Almond Milk Nutrition Stats:

Well, you definitely want to know about the nutrition fact of almond milk. So that you can understand that is you cat need this milk or not?

  • Protein- 1gram
  • Calories-39
  • Fat-3 gram
  • Fiber-0.5grams
  • Carbs-3.5grams
  • Potassium-4% of the DV
  • Vitamin E- 110% of DV
  • Vitamin D-18% of DV

The information is according to the 240ml of almond milk. It means that 240ml of the almond milk contains the above nutrition’s. We are sure, after reading these stats you become greedy to consume the almond milk. Aren’t you?

Do not forgot that you are reading this article for your cats. 


Wondering, Is almond milk ok for cats?

Wondering, Is almond milk ok for cats?
Can Cats Have Almond Milk

Let’s start talking about cats now!

Since, almond is a nontoxic substance to the cats. But we would prefer not to feed cat with almond milk. This may not result in very big issue but cats have also feelings and a life. Even a small ache can hurt them so much.

Are you curious to know the reason behind it?

Cats do not produce enough lactase enzymes to digest the almond milk. If the milk is not proper digested then it may cause stomach ache to them.

It is a very heavy milk and hence can cause obesity in your cat’s stomach. 

But if you are already feeding you cat with almond milk then don’t do this regularly. Instead feed it only occasionally. 

You should feed a little amount of almond milk occasionally to your lovely kitty.

Kindly note that not only almond milk but any plant milk, soy milk etc. are not healthy to your kitty.

Hence, give then such kind of milk occasionally if needed otherwise, ignore these products.


Some precautions to Consider with Cats and Almond Milk 

The precautions are given below:

  • Feed small amount of almond milk first, if it does not cause any problem then you can feed it occasionally to your cat.
  • Do not feed almond milk to small kitties. Mother milk is more than enough for them.
  • If your cat is sensitive toward food then do not feed it with almond milk. It may cause problems.
  • If you cat accidently drink almond milk then take it to doctor if you see any symptoms of vomiting, stomach ache etc.

Furthermore, in case your kitty doesn’t really enjoy almond milk much, here is something you can try and you are keen to know What can I give my cat instead if milk


What Kind Of Milk Can Cats Drink?

Almost every third cat is allergic to milk or show some type of sensitivity toward food. Hence, do not feed lots of milk to your cat at the same time.

Instead feed it, a spoon or two spoons first and then check if any reaction takes place or not. 

Wondering, Is almond milk ok for cats?
Can Cats Have Almond Milk

Since, every cat is not same and hence some cats may drink a particular milk but some may not. 

Always be careful!

 Just for your clarity we have given some of the milk below which may not show any allergy to your cat. We are not 100% sure because every cat is different but you can take an idea from it.

Because all these milks are almost safe to every cat.

  • Cow milk

Yes, definitely a cat can drink cow’s milk.

But if we are giving your green flag on cow’s milk, it doesn’t mean that you will feed limitless cow’s milk to your cat.


  • Only little amount to cow’s milk is safe for cats. Do not go for cow’s milk cream which contains lots of fat.
  • You can buy cow’s lactose free milk which contains very less amount of fat. In other words, cow’s slim milk for your cat. Just like humans’ cats are lactose intolerant.
  • If you keep on feeding them lactose milk then it may cause vomiting and stomach ache to them.
  • For a safer option always feed your cat’s raw cow milk. Do not feed pasteurized milk. It can leave bad effect on your cow.
  • No evaporated or condensed milk for cats. According to scientists no milk is more harmful to cow’s than condensed and evaporated milk. These contains more carbohydrates which are very dangerous to cats.  Say no to evaporated and condensed milk!
  • Goat’s milk

We can say that goat’s milk is safer option than cow’s milk for your cats. It is highly rich in vitamins and proteins as compared to the cow’s milk.


 Nothing is good in excess. Even your love and cuddle toward your cats is good to a limited extent. Hence, always feed them milk in limits.


  1. What can I give my cat instead of milk?

Answer- Instead of milk you can feed your cat with fish. Go for fresh water.

  1. Why mostly cats are allergic to milk?

Answerbecause mostly cats are lactose intolerant just like humans. They might love milk but it is not good for their stomach.

  1. Almond milk is lactose free then why is it unsafe for cats?

Answer- This is because almond milk is not easy to digest for cats.


We can say that do not feed you cat almond milk if health of your cat is your first priority. Avoid other plant and lactose milk also. However, if you want to join the trend and your cat is not sensitive toward food then you can give almond milk rarely to your cat.

I hope you have cleared all your doubt from this article.



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