Cat care is a big subject. There are a few reasons why you might want advice on caring for your kitty:

  • You’re thinking of getting an adult or kitten and want to prepare for his arrival as best you can
  • You’ve got cats already but need some advice on a specific issue
  • You’ve got a cat or kitten already and just want to learn more in general about looking after him

Whatever your situation, the more you can learn about caring for cats, the better.

If you’re thinking of getting a cat for the first time, understanding what’s involved in caring for him can help you make an informed decision about whether to go ahead or not.

If you already own one, the more you know about looking after him, the happier he (and you) will be.

Cat care covers a multitude of subjects including grooming, bathing, eye care, ear care, health (including recognizing when Kitty is sick), neutering, spaying, vaccinations, worming, nutrition, safety… and so on.

This section of the website is being developed to provide a comprehensive resource for you, so you can easily find advice and information on all the most important aspects of caring for your kitty.

Everyday Cat Care

Adopt an Adult or Kitten?

Before you take the plunge, you need to decide whether to adopt a kitten or an adult. Read about the pros and cons of kitten adoption and adult adoption.

House Cats

Indoor cats need more entertainment than outdoor cats. Get lots of ideas here for entertaining and caring for house cats.

Medicines, Tablets and Grooming

Discover the best way to give your cat medicine and tablets.

Find out the correct way to clean your cat’s ears.

Learn how to clip cat claws.

Older Cats

Useful information about elderly cats – elderly cat care elderly cat health problems and aging cats – what happens to cats as they age?

Identity Methods

Pros and cons of collars, tattooing and microchipping pets.


Tips and tricks for traveling with cats by car, and the pros and cons of different types of cat carriers.

Death of your Pet

Some suggestions to help you cope with pet death and the Rainbow Bridge poem.



Learn how to recognize the signs of a healthy cat, which then makes it much easier to be able to recognize when your kitty is sick.

There’s detailed advice here on the most common cat illnesses, including flu, enteritis, diabetes, urine problems,fleas, wormsleukemia symptoms and many more.

Health Problems

Many illnesses in cats will show themselves by a variety of symptoms and signs.

These cat health problems aren’t illnesses in themselves, but they’re a good indication that something is wrong and tell you that a prompt trip to the vet is needed.

Find out common causes of cat sneezing, vomiting, dehydration, depression and more.

Kitten Care

Learn all about caring for kittens, including advice on the important do’s and don’ts of feeding kittens, how to deal with fleas on kittens and introducing a new kitten to your resident feline(s).


Find out how to make your home safe for kittens.

Recognize and minimize the risks of potential Christmas hazards for cats.


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