If you are a cat owner, then you must be used to all the fur on your clothes, your loved cat sleeping on your bed, eating your food and just purring its way away in your lap.

Now, of course, all these feels very nice and comforting. After a long day of work, when your fat cat greets you on the doorstep it really makes your heart melt.

With all that said and done, there is this one fear that might always haunt you- how long will I have her/him around to accompany me? In other words, what will be the cat’s right age in terms of human years?

Of course, it is a dreaded thought which most cat owners will like to eschew, but you ought to know the age of your cat to provide for it in the best possible way.

How old is my cat? If this question is bothering you, then we might have some answers. Of course, if you have seen your cat being born you are aware of its age. But the problem arises for those who have got their cats from rescue homes and shelters. Additionally, there is a difference between human years and cat years.

But even if you know your cat’s age, you might still ask how old is my cat in human years? If that is the question haunting you, we might have some answers here.

Through this informative writeup, we will try to provide you with a cat age chart, to help you determine the correct age of your cat with this cat years to human years calculator.

Cat Years To Human Years Conversion:

In order to find the answer to the question “how old is my cat?” you will need a cat age chart or a cat age calculator. The table below might be of some assistance to you:

Cat Years Human Years

While calculating these cat years vs human years graph, you will notice, that a cat’s age gets compared to human age above the initial 2 years of the cat’s life.

For instance, even if you think that your cat is one year old, in a cat’s age it is about 15! This is because, at the age of 1 or 15 in cats age, a cat reaches an age of full sexual maturity.  This happens at the age of 15 for humans, which explains the 1=15 age difference ration.

However, while at the age of 1 a cat can give birth to healthy babies, humans run mortality risk of giving birth at the age of 15.

So a 12-year-old cat in human years is 64 years!!!

While calculating “how old is my cat?”, you need to be careful about certain things, like knowing the rate of growth, or more specifically the graph of growth moves.

For instance, at the age of 2, the rate of growth in a cat is much slower and steady compared to humans. An interesting change happens after your cats reach 2 years of age. After the first two years, one cat year is equivalent to 4 human years!

This rate of growth depends on how quickly your cat will mature.  For instance, by the time a cat reaches the age of 10-12 in terms of human years, the growth rate slows down to a great extent.  Why? Because in terms of kitten years they are almost 60!!

Tips To Determine Cat Age Chart:

Weight: Even before you get in the cat years to human years calculator, the best indicator of your cat’s age can be its weight. A 4 to 6 months kitty will gain a pound for every month. In that light, a 3 months kitten will be 3 months old. However, if the cat is sick, this may not be the ideal way to determine its age.

Teeth: The wear and tear of the teeth and the tartar buildup in the mouth of the cat can be a good way to determine its age. The idea is the more tartar accumulates, the older is the cat.

Eyes: This is yet another way to check the age of your cat. For cats aged 6 and above, the eye lenses tend to be a lot denser. This is something similar that happens to humans at the age of 40.

Grooming Habits: As known, cats love grooming themselves. However, meticulous grooming is something that the younger cats do. Once the cat becomes of a certain age or gets old, it might not be that interested in grooming itself.

Most Asked Questions:

Though by now I am sure a lot of the questions related to your cat’s age has been answered, there remain a few questions which come to every cat owners mind. Its time that we address  those:

How many cat years are in one human year?

Seven. Popular legends and studies have shown that one year in the life of a human, is equivalent to seven years in the life of a cat. This is because a one-year-old cat has the maturity of a seven-year-old human baby.

How Long Is A Cat Year:

Though there is no scientific way of calculating it, it is generally assumed that the initial two years of a cat’s life is roughly equivalent to the first 25 years of a humans life. Following this, for each additional year, the cat ages 4 years.

How do cats age compared to humans?

As mentioned earlier, there is no scientific method of calculating a cat’s age in terms of human age, but for every 1 human year, a ages 4 years.

However, there are a few things to bear in mind when using this cat years to human years calculator:

  • Some cats mature more slowly than others – for example, the Maine Coon cat doesn’t reach full physical maturity until about 5 (human) years old
  • Different cat breeds have different genetic characteristics, and some tend to live longer than others as a result. For example, the American Shorthair cat is a healthy, long-lived breed and can live over 20 years. The Himalayan cat is more prone to cat kidney failure than most other breeds, so may not live as long
  • The way a cat lives its life will affect the rate at which it ages. A straying, un-neutered Tomcat, for example, is only likely to live 3 or 4 years, whereas well looked after house cats stand a much better chance of living 15 or more years

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With all these pieces of information handy, you will not face a tough time determining the age of your cat anymore. Get started today!



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