There are many different cat breeds available for you to choose from.

If you’re relatively new to the world of cats, you may think a cat’s a cat, and there can’t be too many differences between breeds… Oh no!

Some domestic cat breeds have very different personalities to others.

Some are more mentally demanding, some more physically demanding. Some are more pre-disposed to certain diseases.

The amount they meow even varies a lot – the Siamese cat, for example, is well-known for its vocal talents!

If you’re thinking of getting a cat, the choice of breed is extremely important. Choose well and you and Kitty stand the best chance of developing a long and happy relationship.

On this web page, I’ve listed some of the most popular different cat breeds, and given a quick overview of their personalities, the type of home they’d be suited to and other information specific to each of the different cat breeds. This will hopefully help you make your choice. However, a word of caution…

I believe every feline, in one way or another, is a law unto him or herself. Different cat breeds tend to have certain characteristics, but there are always exceptions.

A good example is Priscilla, my Persian. Persian cats are meant to have quiet, melodic voices, and allegedly don’t vocalize often. Priscilla meows loudly, a lot, and is about as melodic as a pneumatic drill.

So when you read this, bear in mind it’s a general guideline only. OK, here we go…

Click here for information on (almost!) non shedding cat breeds.

Popular Different Cat Breeds



Personality: Active, curious, intelligent, affectionate

Suits: Lively families, experienced cat owners

Other: Love climbing, very agile, quite vocal, need lots of mental and physical stimulation

American shorthair

American Shorthair

Personality: Gentle, good with children, quiet

Suits: Families, first time cat owners, singles

Other: Healthy, long lived breed



Personality: Very intelligent, demanding, active, agile

Suits: Lively families, experienced cat owners

Other: Very vocal, need lots of attention and stimulation

British Blu

British Blue

Personality: Clever, trusting, loyal, quite shy

Suits: Singles, quieter homes, first time cat owners

Other: Loves curling up on your lap, hardy, sometimes frightened of young children and often avoid them

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex 

Personality: People orientated, loving, playful

Suits: Lively families, busy households with children and other pets

Other: Want to be the centre of attention, need stimulation and lots of space to run around and play, have short curly fur which sheds very little

Devon Re

Devon Rex 

Personality: Love people, energetic, playful, very clever

Suits: Lively families with children, families and singles with other pets

Other: Need lots of attention, need to play and be active, best kept indoors

Himalayan cat


Personality: Affectionate, calm, easy going, gentle

Suits: Families with older children, experienced cat owners

Other: Coat needs grooming daily, face needs washing regularly. Flat face may give rise to breathing problems and watery eyes. Not very vocal

Maine Coo

Maine Coon

Personality: Very friendly, love people, easy going, intelligent

Suits: Families, singles, first time cat owners

Other: Quite vocal, large cat

Manx Ca


Personality: Calm, love people, friendly, easy-going

Suits: Families, first time cat owners, singles

Other: Love climbing, very fast, good with other pets

Munchkin ca


Personality: Generally sociable and outgoing, playful, clever

Suits: Singles, first time cat owners, families

Other: Love attention, active and very resourceful when they want to get on high surfaces (will use anything available as a climbing frame!)

Norwegian Forest ca

Norwegian Forest 

Personality: Friendly, intelligent, good with other animals and children

Suits: Families, first time cat owners, homes with other pets

Other: Love climbing, grow quite large



Personality: Affectionate, easy going, docile, very adaptable, need attention

Suits: Families, experienced cat owners

Other: Coat needs grooming daily, face needs washing regularly. Flat face may give rise to breathing problems and watery eyes. Not very vocal



Personality: Gentle, easy going, relaxed, love people

Suits: Families, singles, first time cat owners

Other: Fascinated by water and very trusting, so should never go outside without supervision

Here’s an article on Character Traits of Ragdoll Cats, written by Jenny Dean, owner of

Russian Blu

Russian Blue

Personality: Affectionate, gentle, intelligent, playful

Suits: Singles, first time cat owners, families with older children

Other: Not very vocal, shy with strangers

Scottish Fol

Scottish Fold

Personality: Calm, love people, lovely temperament, not very active or demanding

Suits: Families with other pets, first time cat owners, singles

Other: Good with children, adaptable

TwoSiamese cats


Personality: Very outgoing, sociable, highly intelligent, people orientated

Suits: Lively families, experienced cat owners

Other: Need lots of attention and stimulation. Very vocal – loud, penetrating meow which they tend to use excessively



Personality: Very affectionate, playful, curious, intelligent

Suits: Families, singles, experienced cat owners

Other: Skin needs sponging almost daily, ears need regular cleaning, don’t tolerate cold well so need to be kept in warm conditions

P.S. Moggies Need Good Homes Too!

The different cat breeds here are some of the most popular, and there are many more to choose from.

Maybe you’re not particularly bothered about owning a pedigree, or can’t decide on which of the different cat breeds you’d like?

As an alternative, there are thousands of gorgeous, affectionate, healthy moggies in rescue centers all anxiously waiting for good homes.

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