Cats are not only cool, independent, and detached public images; they are affectionate, sweet, and cuddly creatures. Do Cats Understand Kisses?

In case you are a die-hard cat lover, you should know that cats have their own unique signals of affection, and they might not kiss you in the way a human would.

do cats understand human kisses

Although cats are adorable, they are sometimes puzzling.

Some cats do have the capability to understand that the owner is showing their affection with kisses.

If you doubt whether cats understand kisses, you will understand through her response and body language. There are various signs which determine whether your cat likes your kisses or not.

What Are The Signs Of Your Cat-Loving Your Kisses?

Cats loving your kisses are the most adorable thing that one can find. Are you looking for signs which show do cats like kisses? Well, here you will get the basic knowledge about the affection of cats.

  • Blinking:

Although it is astounding, an adorable way your cat might kiss you is by blinking her eye slowly to show affection. The best thing is that this act is a significant sign which shows trust.
Your cat is fully assured that you are not going to do any harm to her if she risks shutting her eyelids around you, even for a few milliseconds. You can understand that your cat is telling you that she loves you.

  • Ears up:
do cats understand hugs and kisses
what do cats think when we kiss them

You can spot another sign by observing your cat’s affection by looking at her ears. The best position which you will see is when she leans forward with her ears up. Your cat is having your full attention when her ears are standing up.
This is the time when she is totally ready for some love and attention from you. You can kiss, hug or tickle her; she won’t show any rejection.

  • Tails up:

If you are thinking, do cats know when you kiss them, then one of the best ways is to observe the shape of their tail? It is the best bet to understand her emotions. When your cat raises her tail and twines or wraps it around your legs and arms, it is the ideal time to show your love towards them.
Although a moving tail is far away from showing a loving gesture, if your cat’s tail is shooting straight in upwards towards the sky and is shaking lightly, it means your cat is delighted to see you.

  • Headbutting:

There is one classic way by which you can understand that your cat is wishing to get your kiss or wants to kiss you when you find them headbutting. This is the perfect answer to the question: do cats understand human kisses.
When your cat is rubbing her cheeks and chin against you, she might be wanting to tell you that she loves being with you. As we all know, cats are confusing creatures; you must keep in mind that all rubbing is not necessarily a loving gesture.
For example, if your cat is rubbing her entire body up against your legs, she might be marking you with her scent and warning other kitties that you belong to her.

  • Purring:

Another common thing you can observe in your cat is when she is purring. Purring is a unique sound made by cats to show their affection and love towards their owner. If your cat looks relaxed and is on its back, eyes half-closed, and tail is almost still, you can assume that they are in a happy mood with a purring sound.

cats kissing
kissing my cat is it ok ?
  • Circling:

If your cat is following you and hangs with you all time, this is the best time to understand do cats understand hugs and kisses. When your cat is circling you and rubs against you, she might be showing their ownership over you.
It might be a sign of requesting your attention in the form of cuddles and strokes. This is the best time to kiss your cat with affection.

  • Scent glands:

Your cats possess scent glands by which they can mark you to make you understand how do cats feel love when you kiss them. The scent glands are present throughout their body, from paw pads up to their heads.
The cats emit pheromones which act as a chemical messenger to mark you and keep you away from other kitties. Although this is a loving gesture, it is much more than that.

  • Rubbing against items:

Are you wondering what do cats think when you kiss them? Well, observing them is the best way to understand their way of showing love. You might find your cat rubbing against you as a sign of affection, but another thing that is most commonly seen is your cat rubbing up against things, particularly doors.
You also might find them rubbing against your favorite toy, living room furniture, as a sign of affection and love.

How To Understand If Your Cat Is Avoiding Your Kisses?

why do cats kiss you

There are times when your cat wishes to remain alone or distant from love and affection. You need to understand do cats like it when you kiss them or not.

  • If you find your cat avoids your kisses or moves away from you, you must consider yourself to stay at a distance from your cats. Wait for the perfect time when your cat wishes to have your love again.
  • When your cat is becoming aggressive while you are trying to hold them or show your love, it is best to hold back your love. If your cat is hissing, it means she wishes to stay alone at that time.
  • If your cat’s ears are back and she looks irritated, it’s better not to show your affection at that time as she might get it wrong.
  • You can understand where does cats like to be kissed by observing her when she is swishing her tail that she is frustrated, upset, or annoyed. If your cat swats at you need to keep calm and stay at a distance.


When Can You Observe That Your Cat Has Trust In You?

The best way to observe your cat’s moods is by spending time with them. You might notice your cat showing her stomach; this is the time you can understand. Is it OK to kiss your cat? As cats are vulnerable when exposing their bellies.

If your cat does this in your presence, you must feel honored as she shows her trust and faith in you.

While she is in the room, she doesn’t need to feel constantly guarded rather than feeling a positive cat-human relationship.

How To Understand Your Cat’s Affection By Greetings?

Are you wondering whether It is weird to give your cat kisses? Then you must keep in mind that there is a time when they also feel affectionate and wish to have your love. By rolling over her back, a cat greets her owner.

This is one of the cute and expected behaviors in young cats and kittens. By showing this attitude, she might be asking you to groom her and kiss her with affection.

why do cats kiss you
do cats like to be kissed

Wrapping up,

If you think, why do cats kiss you, then you might understand that every creature has its way of showing love. Even if your cat doesn’t understand the traditional actions of love, she will appreciate the gesture and feel loved.

Every cat adores attention and interaction, although there might be exceptions. You can understand why do cats kiss you on the lips when you show positive attention by rubbing her belly, slowly stroking back her hair, or kissing her head.

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