The fundamentals class within the 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh, India consists of the very most misinterpreted pose, the downward facing dog. dislike this pose.

This really is generally adopted through the plank pose, and students find it hard to do within the correct manner. But during a period of time they’d learn and take part in the flow.

The pose is extremely popular but through the years many myths about this came up.  These myths are mainly because of stereotyping of yoga. Really there’s no ideal method of doing this pose.


The practice can differ according to body and also the purpose that to control your emotions. Yes there are several instructions for alignment that needs to be adopted but they’re very fundamental and could be made by anybody.

So, there’s no ideal way and it ought to be done in the manner comfortable to a person’s body.

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The 2nd myth is all about why this pose is completed. It is among the pose in yoga which will help your body to construct strength and versatility.

The concept of the pose as well as other poses builds the main strength from the body enabling us to complete tougher poses. Here are a few really funny misconceptions which will make this straightforward pose look real challenge.

The Fingers ought to be Extended – This is actually wrong as we all have different body versatility. 

Downward Facing Dog- A Pose That is extremely Misinterpreted

The Heel should Touch the ground – This really is another myth and also the option would be to get it done the actual way it feels safe.

If you think confident with heels on the ground get it done this way, however the heels may also be lifted inside a variation.

Ear ought to be consistent with Biceps – This myth is actually funny as ears cannot move. They’re just cartilage and biceps ought to be inside a comfortable position. Actually, this pose is perfect for toning the triceps and never the biceps.


The Pose ought to always be exactly the same – Well this isn’t correct as poses vary with each and every practice which is exactly the same with this pose.

Legs ought to be Straight – No, it’s not needed. Yes stretching is needed although not at the expense of injuries.

So, next time you’re practicing this pose possess a discussion together with your yoga teacher. I am certain nobody will explain to get it done inside a specific way.

Yoga isn’t sticking to some set pattern however the evolving of poses with rise in body versatility and strength. Enjoying is exactly what matters.

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