No one can deny the fact that being a parent is the most beautiful feeling ever in this world. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent of a pet or a baby. In fact, it is said that you should definitely try parenting on a pet before you have kids. It gives a sense of responsibility and maturity and in this way, you can up bring your baby in a very good way.

It is said that to experience responsibilities and maturity you should buy either a cat or dog. 

But with cats and dogs there comes lots of other responsibilities or you can say problems. 


Afterall, their vaccination on time, feeding them proper meals, bath them etc are all part of parcel.

And along with that, sometimes, despite of taking care of each and everything, some issues rise up which leaves you all in shock and worries.

And one of the serious concerns is EAR MITE IN CATS

We understand, it is difficult time,’

And so, we have shed light here all the possible solutions and reasons of this suffering which we are certain you must be really wanting to know about.

So, keep reading here as this reading time investment will give you all the returns!


Here is the snapshot of all the topcs you will get to know about:

  • What is ear mite for cats?
  • Cause of ear mite on cats
  • Symptoms of ear mites 
  • Best ear mite treatment for cats
  • Natural ear mite treatment
  • How long does it take for cats to get rid of ear mites?
  • FAQ

Let’s get started!


Are you familiar with the fact that ear mites are the second most common problem found in cat’s ear after flea. It can also affect human in many cases.

The mite spread very fast and can spread with contact of one cat to another. 

Don’t let you cat be friendly with other cats! This is the basic knowledge about ear mite which you should know. 

But wondering, what exactly it is?


What is ear mite for cats?

Scientifically ear mite is known as Otodectes cynotis. The mite loves to live in pets and animals.

These are found on all aver the body of animals. But if talk about their favourite place then it is the ears of animals. The worst part is that mite can’t be seen with naked eyes. It can be rarely seen in the form, of white spot but only in dark black background. These mites are quite dangerous for your lovely kitties. 

It may cause itching, infection, or may be nay other ear disease. 

Pretty rough for soft skin of kitties, right?

Now let’s talk about the reasons.


Cause of ear mite on cats

There are various reasons that your cat get affected by the ear mite. Some of them are given below:

  • Does your cat play in dirty places? 

Well, observe if you haven’t as It is very common that your cats plays in plants or in garbage. These mites can spread from such places.

  • Who are you kitty friends? 

Be aware about the surrounding because possibilities are high if you kitty is playing with an animal who is already infected. This disease spread like fire in animals.

  • Hygiene Issues

If you do not give bath to your cat regularly then this can be the reason of ear mite of your cat.

We know, we can’t put restriction on freedom of our little kitty, but precaution is better than cure. 

Having said that, make sure you keep an eye on them.


This particular section is for those people who are still confuse that their cats have ear mites or not. Read the below information and you will be clear with your decisions.

  • If your cat is continuously shaking its head then check for ear mites.
  • If cat scratch its ears with paws then be 99% confident that ear mites are definitely there.
  • When your cat is scratching its head with wall then also chances are there. 


  • This disease may result in black discharge from cat’s ear. Be careful because this discharge has a bad smell. 
  • If your cat is irritated from past few days then chances are again there.


All these are just symptoms. Don’t start treating your cat with following methods by just noticing one of the symptoms.  Because these symptoms may also result a normal ear infection or allergy.

Whenever you notice these symptoms take your cat to a veterinary doctor. He/she will diagnose your cat and found out if there are ear mite or not. After that you can follow the following steps to treat the mites. 

These precautions are important to take because ear mite cannot be seen with naked eyes and wrong treatment may lead to further problems. Doctor will use the appropriate machines for this purpose.

However, in case, mites is the issue of concern and you are looking for some instant cures.


Let’s discuss about the solutions now. We will tell you the various solutions to you.

Best Ear Mite Treatment for Cats 

There are many ways to treat the ear mote of your cat but we have chosen then best one for you guys. We always pick the best for you! The methods of treatment are given below:

  • Doctor treatment- Whenever you will take your cat to a vat for ear mite problem then he/she will start the treatment by removing the wax or any dirt of the ear.

Because it may act as a shield for the ear mites. After that they will put medicines in cat’s ear.

It help the mite to come out of the ear or maybe they die inside it.

  • Ear miticide- If you have good knowledge of medicines then you can buy any eat miticide from the medical shops. There are tons of such products available in the market.

If you are about to follow this method then buy 4-5 dozes. Because female ear mites give eggs inside the ear which may further spread after one use of ear miticide. Hence, you need to clear your kitty’s ear daily for about 4-5 days.

Maybe the vet gives you some medicines to put in cat’s ear at home. Please make sure that you do not use the same medicine on other animal’s ear without the prescription of the doctor. It may result in other bad problems.


Natural Ear Mite Treatment 

We have already talked about the procedure of doctor’s treatment and medicinal methods. I hope you took the idea of how the procedure is done?

Now if in any case you do not want to consult a vet then you may use some natural ways to treat the ear mite. These methods are basically home remedies which the elders have been using since very long time.

We have discussed the best natural eat mite treatment with you. Read the given content for the information:

Be ready to treat your cat with home remedies:

  • The magical apple cider vinegar- This is one of the best method to treat the ear mite of cats naturally without any medicine. 

Take 50ml water and 50ml of apple cider vinegar. Mix well and spray into your cat’s ear for approximately 2 times a day.

You can take the quantity according to you but make sure that the ratio must remain 50/50.

It is not must that the ratio should be strictly 50/50. It can be imbalance to a small extent. But do not cross the ratio to a larger extent.

Do you want to know how this apple cider vinegar treat ear mite?

It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It helps to treat infections and bacteria like ear mite.

  • Oil- Do you know the fact that oils are very useful to treat the eat mites.

You can use olive oil, coconut oil or mineral oil for this purpose.

Luke warm the oil that you are using, soak it in a cotton and drop 8-9 drops in your kitty’s ear. 

It make the ear mite suffocate inside the ear and it will die.

  • Green tea- Green tea can also be used to treat the ear mite. 

For this you have to soak the green tea in water for few minutes. 

Once it cool down then flush into your cat’s ear. It will help to get rid of the ear mite.

  • Garlic gloves- Crush the garlic gloves into small pieces and soak in oil overnight. 

Remove the gloves and flush the leftover mixture into your cat’s ear. 

You can use this method once in a month or maybe once in a week.

  • Calendula- The calendula leaves are quite hard to find because it is a wild species. You can use the pre-made solution from any medical store. 

Put some drop into your cat’s ear and it will help to get rid of the ear mite.

If you find the calendula leaves then soak in any oil mainly in olive oil. And then strain the leaves and use the leftover oil.

There are other leaves also like mullein.

How long does it take for cats to get rid of ear mites?

It totally depends on how early you have found the problem and started the precautions. 

If you have discovered the ear mite problem at very early then it may take approximately one week. But one week only works if you use the medicines and home remedies properly on right time.

Overall you can say that it hardly take a month if you use the medicines on right time.

Interesting part is, if the mother ear mite has given the eggs then it May going to take one to two months depends on the quantity of the eggs.

You just have to use the medicines on proper time and keep the cat’s ear neat and clean.

Your cat get rid of ear mite problem if you keep its ear neat and clean. Otherwise, it may grow again after some time.


  • How can I treat my cat’s ear mites at home?

Answer- There are many ways to treat cat’s ear mite at home. You can use oils and leaves like green tea to treat the ear mite. Put the 6-7 drops of oil in cat’s ear.

  • Is coconut oil safe for cat’s ears?

Answer- Coconut oil is very safe for cat’s ear. It is consider as the safest oil for ear mite. Luke warm the oil and put inside the ear. It will help a lot.

  • What kills ear mites naturally?

Answer- Use of oil into cat’s ear can kill the ear mites naturally.

  • What is the best treatment for ear mites in cats?

Answer- Best treatment for cat’s ear mite is to prescribe a doctor. You can use the home remedies but if you don’t see the result within two or three use then go for a vet. He/she will tell you the best treatment for ear mites in cats.

  • Can ear mite flourish again after the treatment?

Answer- Yes, if you do not take care of the hygiene of your cat’s ear then it may flourish again even after the treatment.


We can say that, ear mite is not a big issue and hence you do not need to panic at all. Just following the above remedies and you will definitely see the result.

If not, then you may prescribe a vet. He/she will definitely treat your cat.

Don’t worry your lovely kitty is going to fine soon!


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