Fat Burning Foods for Women The life of a woman is so jam-packed with work at an office or home with kids or in the kitchen. You aren’t left with any time of your own and gain fat on your belly and all around. It’s high time for you to get back into shape again and for that, you have to do SOMETHING. Pool Team Name

Thinking I would suggest you to join a gym or go on a diet?

If you had time to spend hours in the gym ,then why  after all you would  have gained these extra pounds. Dieting also may seem hard to stick to faithfully.

Don’t lose hope. You can get rid of these extra pounds by sensible eating and exercising but gradually. However, if you want to lose fat quickly you can add some proven fat burning foods for women that I have listed below.


The primary cause of body fat is poor blood circulation. Ginger is scientifically proven to dilate blood vessels. Thus, it improves blood circulation to the most unreachable parts of the body such as belly and saddle bags.

Fiber rich fruits and vegetables

Try eating apples, berries and citrus fruits such as grapefruit. They are rich in fiber. Your body loses much fat content in digesting fiber rich fruits and vegetables. Its better you include raw fruits and vegetables instead of using the canned ones.

fat burning food for women Fat Burning Foods for Women


If you feel like snacking in between regular meals, I won’t tell you not to. You can depend on almonds for that. Eating almonds requires much chewing. So you eat less and cheat your tummy into a feeling of being full. They are an excellent aid in losing belly fat apart from being rich in proteins.

Green leafy vegetables

Add spinach or any green leafy vegetables to every meal to experience rapid fat loss. Spinach contains fiber, vitamins and is rich in calcium too. Human body does not absorb all the fat when calcium gets attached with it. So, you absorb lower amount of calories which is a preamble of losing weight.

Sea food

Fish is one of the best fat-burning foods for women. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.Omega-3 fatty acids have a mild but very long-term effect on weight loss. There is a wide variety in seafood you can choose from. Our body burns more fats in digesting protein rich foods than it does in carbs and fats.


Vinegar pumps out protein that breaks down fat. So including it as an ingredient in salad with meals twice a day can help you get rid of belly fat.

Low Fat dairy products

Calcium as stated above speeds up a person’s metabolism when consumed regularly. So, you can fearlessly add low fat milk and yogurt into your list of belly fat burning foods too.

Green Tea:

Green tea increases the rate of metabolism which means you will lose fat quickly. According to some researches, drinking 5 cups of green tea on a day can burn almost 70-80 calories.


I won’t dare complete this article on fat burning foods without it. It so vital in losing weight. Drinking luke warm water may not seem a very good idea. But ladies, it works wonders!

The best thing about all these foods is that they are easily available but much ignored. They are wonderful fat burning foods for women who complement these foods by regular exercise to experience rapid fat loss.

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