For simplicity, I’m going to give you a simple routine. Workout 3 days a week and do each exercise twice during the week. Your goal should be to constantly be adding more weight to increase your strength and to be pushing each set to the point where you can’t do another one.Chocobo Names

Prior to starting get on the treadmill or bike for 5-10 minutes to get you warmed up.

The reps and sets should look something like this.

3 Sets – Set 1 (6-8 reps at heavy weight), Set 2 (8-10 reps at slightly lower weight), Set 3 (10-12 reps at even lower weight)

Make sure when you start lifting weights that you do a warm up set. And if you’re not familiar with these exercises have someone show you proper form so you don’t hurt yourself.

I guarantee that if you focus on getting stronger with every workout that you will start leaning up so fast that you won’t believe it. Working out with the focus of getting stronger with every workout will turn you into a fat burning machine.

Option 2: It’s Beach Body Time!

best way to lose weight beach body What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?If you’re just dead set against lifting weights than your next best option is to get a program like Beach Body. And yes I’ve done this one too…it kicked my butt.

Beach Body is cardio on steroids. I have never done more intense cardio EVER! And let me tell you I like to push myself. I found myself having to slow my pace with this program.

I highly recommend Beach Body for those who don’t want to go to the gym. You can easily pace yourself and work up to higher intensity levels. In fact, it comes with a notepad to keep track of your results. Try it out for yourself – Beach Body

Would you believe I tried to keep this article short? Hopefully it didn’t bore you and answered your question of “What is the best way to lose weight?”

The answer really comes down to making incremental changes by changing bad habits to good habits. It’s no different than anything else you want in life it’s just a matter of how much you want it.

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