This page has some gorgeous funny kitten pictures to brighten your day!

All of us kitty fans love pictures of funny cats, but there’s also just as much – if not more – enthusiasm for pictures of kittens.

Those huge ears, wide-open innocent eyes, gorgeous faces and tiny little bodies are enough to instantly turn most cat lovers from rational human beings into gibbering wrecks…

When a kitten is caught on camera doing something funny, even better! It’s not always easy to do this; because kittens are so fast, luck often plays a part in clicking the camera at just the right moment.

So, without further introduction, here are some funny and cute kitten pictures I hope you’ll love!

picture of two kittens asleep one on top of the other
picture of cute grey kitten with funny face
picture of kitten by shoe
U r squashin me man!
What do you mean I’m too young to have a goatee?
To you, it’s a shoe. To me, it’s a new litter box!
picture of kitten sitting in newspaper
picture of 2 kittens on pram roof
picture of cute tabby kitten with bright green eyes
I prefer broadsheets – they make muchbetter beds than tabloids
If we get in it now while it’s empty, it legally becomes ours!
Look into my eyes… you will give me more fresh fish…
picture of kitten drinking from glass
picture of kitten in planter
picture of two cute baby kittens
It would help if you could start drinking your milk out of bowls, then I could get it easier!
Flower heads? Whatflower heads??
OK, plan of action – I’ll pee on the carpet and you rip the sofa!
picture of ginger kitten climing tree
picture of 2 himalayan kittens eating
picture of tabby kitten in grass
I fink I r stuck!
This dinner ain’t big enough for the both of us!
Don’t mess with me!

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