With so many toys being manufactured with traces of lead, mercury, and other dangers for your toddler, choosing to buy green toys not only affects the environment in a positive way but also provides safety for your little one.

It’s definitely hard to avoid buying the latest fad for kids when new products are promoted mercifully during Saturday morning cartoons, especially when it’s the talk of the town and your child has seen the commercial 107 times. However, if you decide on green gift-giving for your kids, you may find that there are quite a few benefits such as

  • Added safety for your kids!
  • Saving money
  • Quality that outlasts the latest season’s trend
  • Less packaging, less power, and eco-friendly materials that help the environment your kids are growing up in.

Her are just a few ideas of how to go green with toys for your kids :


Wooden toys are great for a few reasons. When your child chews (and they will chew!) on an unpainted, wooden toy, then they will not be doing any harm to themselves unlike 80% of new, chemical-laden, plastic toys that often contain PVC (aka polyvinyl chloride).

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Wooden toys are also environmentally friendly compared to their plastic counterparts whereas they typically will last longer, and can be handed down over generations. Also, the majority of them won’t have unnecessary plastic packaging that will end up in landfills and because they are very durable and long-lasting, these toys will often have great resale value once your child is finished with them.

Be sure to purchase FSC-certified wood, which means the wood used to make the product was forested responsibly.


Similar to the advice of not using pesticides on your lawn in 5 Ways To Go Green At Home For Free, it is a wise decision to say no to pesticides when shopping for your children’s toys.

Did you know that the chemicals used to make cotton makes up for half of the world’s pesticide use? Look for organic, naturally-dyed cotton, and other fabrics such as bamboo, Tencel, and wool (plush/stuffed animals, etc.)


If you can choose a toy that educates your child or keeps him or she entertained without the battery-powered features of the flashy, noisy ones, then by all means buy the ones with no batteries! Not only are dead batteries a huge problem for recycling and landfill waste, but why not also reduce the chance of your child chewing on a live battery? Plus, this choice will save you money too!


If you have children or have been around toddlers for any length of time, you are already aware of the fact that they will often find joy in the simplest things. Do you know those moving boxes stored in the garage? What a perfect fort for them to build and play in over the weekend!

How about the empty cartons from milk, eggs, and other items you had destined for the recycling bin? Could those be used for arts and crafts and possibly even turned into toys? What are some other things you might have in your storage that are safe for your kids to turn into playthings?
These ideas are great for your child’s imagination and will save you money while being kind to the environment. Everybody wins!

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