Cat Behavior 101
Is Kitty Driving You Crazy?

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Cat Behavior Explained website!

There’s nothing quite like being owned by a cat, is there? Those hypnotic eyes looking up at you… hearing them purr as you feel their warm, soft fur touching your hand… 

If only it was always like this…

Cats undoubtedly make wonderful pets. However, we all know that living with a feline isn’t all plain sailing.

Cat behavior problems can really blight your relationship with your cat if you don’t know how to deal with them, as well as rocket your stress levels into the stratosphere.

What if..?

Imagine if you could deal with cat behavior issues quickly and easily. Think of the benefits…

  • Huge stress reduction (for you and Kitty!)
  • A wonderful relationship with your cat
  • The ability to deal with any issues that crop up with any current and future cats you own for the rest of your life

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? And it can be done, probably with more ease than you might think 🙂

persian cat lying in hand basi

Cat behavior can range from the hilarious, to the bizarre, to the downright infuriating… and everything in between.

The reality is, cats are much less devious than people think. They don’t lie around for hours, plotting and scheming ways to accelerate their owner’s demise. They want to be loved and admired and aren’t on a mission to make you angry, however much it may sometimes appear otherwise.

Once people understand why cats behave in the ways that they do, it becomes much easier to recognize and fix problem behaviors. And that’s where this website can help…

So where do you start?

This website is packed full of information that will help you, on many subjects that have a direct effect on Kitty’s behavior, including:

black and white kitten asleep in fruit bowl

The information on this website will guide you through all this in an easy to understand way.

Whether you’re a brand new or more experienced owner, once you’ve understood this stuff, you’ll have acquired a lifelong skill that will give you huge benefits. And that’s a plus for both you and your cat, isn’t it? 

To quickly find what you want on the website, you can use the search box below:

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About me

First, a cat behavior story of mine…

Many years ago, in my student days, I came home to find my young cat had managed to open the fridge. He was in the process of dragging an enormous, uncooked steak (which belonged to my flatmate) under my bed.

cat in laundry basket laughin

He was normally the sweetest, most docile thing, but when I tried to get the steak off him (I was worried about him eating it because it wasn’t cooked) his growling and hissing were absolutely ferocious.

After prizing the steak out of his mouth and acquiring a few significant scratches and bites in the process I had to run out and buy a replacement steak before going to the hospital to get a tetanus booster and antibiotics. It’s funny now, but I can honestly say it wasn’t particularly amusing at the time!

As I languished in the hospital waiting for area, I have to admit I was pretty naffed off with him. But as I sat there, I thought whose fault is this? I realized it was one hundred percent mine.

I knew the fridge door was faulty and I should have got it fixed. My cat, as far as he was concerned, had “caught” his prey fair and square, therefore it was now his and there was no way he was giving it up!

Did he get to eat his steak in the end, are you wondering? Yes… after I’d returned from the hospital, I washed all the dirt, fluff and bits of carpet off it and cooked it for him. Went down a treat 😉

I’ve been fascinated by cats and cat behavior for as long as I can remember and have learned a huge amount about them. I’m the first to admit I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way and have done my best to learn from them.

I’ve owned many cats and I worked in a no-kill cat rescue shelter for 3 years. I’ve fostered old, pregnant, nursing and sick cats at home. I’ve hand-reared kittens and tame feral kittens. I currently have four cats – Priscilla, Terry, Gandalf, and Jasmine. All are rescue cats.