Kitty and Sheenu were Rumi’s best friends. They shared great times together. They loved each other and bonded really well. 

Can you guys guess who Kitty and Sheenu is?

They are Rumi’s pet cats. 

Rumi brought them home when they were one month old and mothering them and taking care of them has been her favorite past time since then. 


Also, guess what, Meow… Meow! has been her official alarm clock since then too.

Three more months have passed by, everything was going on pretty well when suddenly one morning, Rumi woke up to something really mysterious. When she served milk to Kitty, she seemed disinterested. This problem continued for quite some time. But Why? 

Rumi kept wondering!

Hey, my buddies, if you are also into the same complication like Rumi’s, here I present to you something that might show some path to overcome the issue. 

Let’s roll the ball and see how it goes.

Here are the points that we are going to focus on,

Table of Content
Why has the cat stopped eating?
What happens when a cat doesn’t eat?
When a cat stops eating how long before they die?
Steps you should follow if you are worried about a cat refusing food.
General Conclusion

So, my dear pet lovers and general animal caregivers, this is something really informative that will help you keep updated about your Kitty’s health.

Do give it a quick eye-through!

How long can a cat go without eating?

We generally do not buy cats as our pet, do we? No, they are mostly resilient animals, actually what happens is they go astray losing their home’s address and end up being in a new home. 


And then they accustom themselves to the newer adaptations.

It befriends its new master and thus live happily ever after. 

Now, what if it loses interest in the food it is usually given to eat by the caregiver, who takes care of it. 

What if you see that your Kitty is continuously refusing its meal? 

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Time to Observe!

The first question that arises in our mind is if this is a consistent behavior of the cat, how long can it go without eating?


According to the research, on an average, a cat can technically survive without food for one to two weeks at a stretch, but there are some variations and additions to this condition.

 Firstly, Kitty needs to have a proper water supply.

 Secondly, if it refuses its regular food, try and give it some protein because with zero protein it can stay only up to three or four days, even if they are on continuous water supply.  

And finally, if a cat is refusing both food and water then I must say the situation is a red alert, it would not survive more than three days, maximum four days at a stretch.

Now, lets emphasize on the fact that, what happens when a cat doesn’t eat?

If you are to adapt and pet cats, then I would suggest you to do a good study beforehand on the behavioral patterns of your pets. A similar suggestion goes for adapting or parenting other pets too. 

Here in this good read, we would assist you to get hold of a broader concept regarding this matter.

Matter to Consider!

Firstly, let us make note of the fact that cats do not always make ways for their own food if they aren’t eating at home, this assumption is wrong, though domestic cats train themselves at hunting prey like mice, birds, squirrels and fish this does not assure that all of them have the same skills. 

Moreover, a number of them get accustomed to being fed at times by their masters.

If they aren’t eating it is a matter of concern and should be properly looked into. 

Effects of No Intake

To know what happens when a cat doesn’t eat, lets have a look at its behavioral patterns.

  • Illness can be the very first cause of refusing food. It is accompanied by other symptoms as well like vomiting, being lethargic rather not being too active or having fever for one or two days. 

Suggestion: Then the suggestion would be to consult a veterinary for the best guidance and treatment. 

  • Boredom from a particular brand of its food can be another reason why it’s refusing its food, this would not be having the other additions like being feverish or vomiting, 

Suggestion:  would suggest you to change the brand and get something in which it would be interested in.

  • A third reason could be an upset stomach, this can be assumed if it seems to be vomiting continuously or suffering from diarrhoea, might be it has ingested something that didn’t suit its appetite. 

Suggestion: consulting a veterinary if the situation is serious and otherwise taking proper care of Kitty so that it recovers at home. 

  • A fourth reason could be that the cat is suffering from dental problems like a sore tooth or inflamed gums. Observe, it is not letting you touch its head or mouth or may be being very reluctant with the food

Suggestion: needing dental check up

  • Lastly, vaccinations also lead to loss of appetite in cats and other pets too. This is not much of a problem but if the behavior continues.

Suggestion: check with its doctor to get a knowledge of the vaccines side effects.

Now, lets know more on serious matter!

When does a cat stop eating how long before they die?

If you see your Kitty or Sheenu not eating for more than thirty-six hours then our recommendation would be to check with a veterinary doctor. 


There are a number of Symptoms of a cat not eating as it tends to die.

Loss of appetite is the first among them, followed by loss of thirst culminating in a disinterest in food and water, 

  • extreme weakness, 
  • change in appearances, 
  • hiding from people and odd social behaviors and also 
  • lowering of body temperatures could be a matter of major concern. 

These symptoms are of the view that your cat is in severe illness which may lead to its death.

We are sorry but that’s how it happens. 

Facts to Consider!

On an average, cats live up to fifteen to sixteen years which is almost eighty to eighty-five human years. 

 When a cat stops eating or in general when animal stops eating, they keep relying on their reserved proteins and tends to fall weak as soon as it gets exhausted, the liver becomes full of fat and this may become dangerous for them causing fatal diseases like hepatic lipidosis or a liver failure.

Therefore, the best thing is to take them for a check-up as soon as you see any change in its usual living patterns.

They become a very important part of our lives, and we are to take good care of them!

What to Do If Kitty Says No More Food!

Now, let’s brief you up on the Steps to be followed when your cat is refusing food.

There are a number of things which can be done in order tempt your cat to eat as a pet parent.

Have a look!

  • Offer food that has strong aroma
  • Offer something that it loves the most
  • Try hand-feeding them in a loving way 
  • Try warming up the food so that the temperature matches up to their body temperature which is 38 degrees.
  • If it is suffering from dehydration them serving some intravenous fluids would serve your purpose well.

These are some basic suggestions but if these does not work and if you find the changes in usual behavior as stated above, the best possible thing to do would be to take it to a vet or speak to a vet so that its illness gets diagnosed as soon as possible and proper treatment is carried out. 

Because remember extreme severities can be fatal and you may end up losing him, so better is to consult a veterinary advisor. 


In the above stated story we really did not get into what Kitty and Sheenu was going through, may be they just wanted a change of brands in their food or may be the reason was something else, but my dear friends if you are really noticing something unusual in your Kitty’s behavior then this article would be of some help, I suppose. 

If symptoms show that Kitty is facing some illness then veterinary consultation is the best option at hand. Now-a-days, veterinary clinics do give virtual counselling sessions, attending one or two would be advisable to pet parents. 

Otherwise, if there’s no illness, kitty is just like you, doesn’t like eating the same food every day!


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