Cats love to groom themselves. They usually try to keep themselves clean and fresh. But these feline animals do need baths to stay fresh and clean. They must be given a bath using a cat soap or shampoo and not by just using any regular products used by us.

But the cat owners often worry about how often to bathe cats so that they don’t pick up any parasites or become stinky.

Many cats hate water and don’t like to be given a bath. But to keep them clean and make them stay away from being sticky, they need to be washed with some best shampoos for cats/ kittens.

Although cats don’t require frequent bathing as they always groom themselves, bathing once in a few weeks is necessary to get all the dust and litter out of its coat.

When To Bathe A Cat- Signs

If you’re a cat owner, the thought of how often should you bathe your cat is more or less constant. But you can get to know about when to bathe your kitten by seeing some of the signs. Cats are well known for grooming themselves frequently but they can’t get everything out by themselves which is why a bathe can help it.

how often should you bathe your cat
how often should you bathe your cat

If you’re not sure about how often to bathe a kitten, here are some of the signs that can help you know.

  • Greasy fur of the cat, which may feel oily and looks very clumpy because of the dirt and debris that it has picked up recently.
  • If your cat stinks and smells bad, you need to know that it’s time you bathe your cat. Strong odors may be a result of the long trapped dirt and garbage in the coat of the cat.
  • If you find too much shedding of the fur, bath it. While shedding is normal, excessive shedding should be treated with a bath.
  • When your cat has a long and dense coat, it will require frequent bathing and brushing of the hair.
  • If the cat is too old, it may find it difficult to groom itself therefore old cats require more cleaning and washing than younger cats.
  • If your cat has fleas or any skin infection, bath it.

Bathing A Cat- Preparations

If you’re wondering about what should I use to bathe my cat, you need to know that some cats don’t like wet furs. Therefore, you need to arrange everything before you bathe, or else the bath can get difficult to handle.

  • You need to use rubber gloves as most of the cats hate water and don’t like to get wet. It may scratch you to get out of the tub.
  • You need to use some best shampoos for cats/ kittens to clean it properly. Use any shampoo that’s formulated for cats.
  • Use a large pitcher for rinsing.
  • Keep a dry and thick towel ready to use after the bath.
  • Take some cotton balls so that you can clean the ears of your kitten.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth to clean the facial area.

Steps To Bath Cats

If you’re not sure about how to bathe a cat with fleas, here are the correct steps you need to know and follow to give a nice bath to your feline friend.

  • If you don’t want a hyperactive cat or kitten during the bath, tire it out first. Conduct a play session just before bath time to bring down the energy level and then go on with the grooming session.
  • Brush the coat and fur to get most of the debris out. Brushing will also help in reducing the number of bath times.
  • Grooming before the bath, like trimming the nails needs to be done to avoid scratching.
  • Prepare the cat for a bath by placing the cotton balls into the ears to prevent water from getting in. Use a rubber mat so that it doesn’t slip.
  • Gently start to wash it from the legs and then go on to the body and head. If it has any skin infection, be more gentle.
  • Use a cat’s shampoo that’s recommended by the vet to wash the hair. Make sure it’s not irritating on your cat and it’s not allergic to it.
  • After massaging the shampoo, rinse off all the residue with lukewarm water.
  • Dry the cat’s fur using a cotton towel after removing the earballs.

Tricks To Bath Your Kitten

If you’re confused about how to bathe a cat that hates water, you must know about the tips and tricks to bathe cat or kitten. Most of the cats don’t like to get wet and they always try to get out of a bath by scratching the owners.

what should I use to wash my cat
what should I use to wash my cat

Giving a bath to hyperactive and aggressive cats can be very difficult, but it can be made easier if you follow some tricks to deal with it.

  • Bring it gradually and help your cat get used to the water by starting to wash from the legs.
  • Before the bath, trim the nails or clip the claws pre-bath to reduce scratching.
  • You can start by putting it in an empty tub to play.
  • Use warm water instead of cold water to make it easier.
  • You need to use a proper container. You can use a small tub, a shallow sink, or a bucket.
  • Use scents like lavender or chamomile in the bathing area to calm down the cat before bathing.

Indoor And Outdoor Cats – How Often To Bathe?

If you’re wondering about how often should you wash your indoor cats, you should know that Indoor cats have very few baths compared to outdoor cats. As the indoor cats are very less exposed to dust and dirt you may have to bathe them once in four weeks.

But if your indoor cat has a thick coat of long fur, you’ve to take care of that more often to brush it nicely or use a shampoo to prevent it from being greasy.

If you’re confused about how often should you wash your outdoor cats, you should consider washing them once when you find a strong foul odor or greasy fur. Outdoor cats may require more cleaning than indoor cats.

But as they’re self-grooming, they constantly clean themselves. But long-haired cats need to be cleaned more often with shampoo to avoid irritation.

Benefits Of Bathing A Cat

If you’re not sure about bathing your cat or you’re afraid of harming it, here are some benefits of bathing your cat that you need to know.

  • These feline creatures cannot get themselves fully cleaned and the owners need to do that once in four to six weeks.
  • Bathing removes the excess oil and dirt.
  • It stimulates the cat’s skin which makes the cat feel lighter.
  • It also removes the shed hair, dander, etc.

Cat Bathe- Mistakes To Avoid

Cat owners are often unaware of some common mistakes they make while they’re trying to take care of or groom their cats.

  • You need to remember that your feline friend doesn’t require regular baths as they’re self-grooming animals.
  • You should avoid spraying water on your cat’s face because they hate it.
  • If you’re thinking of can I use a dove soap on my cat, keep in mind that these soaps are meant to be used on human skin so they can make the cat’s skin dry or result in skin irritation. Before you use the product on your cat, seek medical advice.
  • You need to use products that are formulated for cats’ skin. You can’t even use your dog’s shampoo on your cat.
  • If you’re wondering about can I wash my cat with baby shampoo, you should know that unperfumed baby shampoos or soaps can be used in case of an emergency. But it’s always better if a cat’s shampoo is used on a cat.
best shampoo for cats
best shampoo for cats

Top 5 Best Cat Shampoos

When you’re bathing your cat, using any soap and shampoo that’s not meant to be used on a cat’s skin, can turn harmful. It can cause severe skin reactions and infections. If you’re concerned about what shampoo is safe for cats, here you’ll find some of the best shampoos for cats/ kittens. These shampoos are formulated to use on cats to clean their furs and hair.

Hence, you only need to use unscented and safe products on your cat to keep them safe and prevent infections.

  • Captain Zack – The Cat Groom Box
  • Captain Zack Zoey Shiny & Mew Sulphate Free Cat Shampoo
  • Zoivane Pets Cat Shampoo with Conditioner
  • Trixie Katzen Shampoo
  • Pet royale cat shampoo with conditioner


1.How Do You Give A Cat A Bath Without It Scratching You?

You need to make the bathe session quick. Groom and clip the claws before the session to avoid scratching.

2.How Can I Trick My Cat Into A Bath?

Put the kitty in an empty tub to play.

Start to rub with wet clothes.

3.Can I Bathe My Cat Once A Week?

Veterinarians recommend not to bathe the cats weekly. But once in a few weeks can keep their coats clean.

4.Do Kittens Need Baths?

You can bathe your kitten but avoid frequent baths. You can go bathing it once in four to six weeks.

5.Is It Bad To Bathe A Cat Too Often?

Bathing the cats too often can harm their health and can cause the nutrients in fur to get reduced. Instead, once in a few weeks is enough to keep them clean and fresh.


As cats are self-grooming animals, they require a bath once in a few weeks. But if they are old or have thick coats, you’ve to take care and bathe them more often using any cat shampoo.

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