The unfortunate thing about many “personalized” gift items lately is that they are actually a dime a dozen.

Putting names on coffee mugs, key chains, pens, and other personal effects have become an expected gesture, and, sadly, a cliche one, as well. However, there are creative and unexpected ways to make personalized items really stand out and be unique.

Let’s look at some of them.

Serve up coffee you brewed yourself in a personalized mug.


What better way to make that cherished coffee-lover in your life feel extra-special than to make him or her fresh, hot coffee and serve it up in their new personalized mug?

You can surprise them with it as early as breakfast time, and you’ll be sure that your gift will be associated with a lovely memory through the years (which, after all, is the best and most enduring present anyone can give).

How to Make that Personalized Gift Stand Out
Personalized Gift Stand Out

Have their favorite musician, book, art, or poetry printed on the item instead of their name.

To avoid making it seem like having an item “personalized” is a perfunctory gesture (one you do for everyone in one go), be unexpectedly thoughtful and considerate.

Do a bit of research on the person’s preferences in music, art, film, food, books, poetry, history, etc.

Then go the extra-mile and have an image of their idol or hero, or a line from their favorite poem, song, or film printed on something they can use on a daily basis.

Some items ideal for this particular tip include journals, day planners, business card holders, coffee mugs, pens, and notepads.

Draw or write it yourself.

You don’t have to be a professional artist or writer to come up with a gift that pays homage to a special person. You simply have to know the person, and have shared memories with him or her.

Draw these memories, make collages of them, and write something that only you and the recipient of the gift share.

Then have the resulting image or text printed on a journal, daily planner, notepad, jewelry box, or something else he or she will likely use regularly. By doing this, you will truly give something no other person can ever have.

Sharon Sussman is a gemologist at, a certified dealer of loose diamonds and custom-maker of engagement rings.

Sharon keeps up-to-date on useful jewelry and lifestyle trends, to share with her friends and readers. She also appreciates how a gift increases in value when effort is put into making it personal and more meaningful.

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