Robbie was a home-alone person. He is a businessman and has a whole lot of hobbies like gardening, listening to music, playing a variety of instruments, and last but not least being a guardian to his beloved pets. 

He calls them his soulmates. His family thus includes himself, his two cats named Pussy and Pekoo and two Labradors names Rome and Simba. 

How To Palpate A Cat For Constipation?
How To Palpate A Cat For Constipation?

Though we are aware that cats and dogs can often end up in a duel but here at Robbie’s palace they really jelled up well.

Thus, with them Robbie lived in a world of tunes and turmoil!

He loved it! 

John was another member of this family, he was the pets’ care-taker. 

Actually, when Robbie had to be out of station for various business deals for a week or two, John would be parenting them. With time they build up a strong bond. All were being very fine when John noticed something unusual in Pussy. 

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Why do cats have constipation
Is your cat suffering from constipation?
What is causing Pussy’s constipation?
Some Cure
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He was not producing stools for a couple of days. John could not understand the matter. 

Robbie was on his business trip.

As soon as he returned after a day, John spoke to Robbie about the matter.

So, buddies! Do you face similar issues with your pussies too?

Yes, that’s when your cat is actually getting constipated. 

Does, this happen to your cat too?

If yes, we are certain that the story must have resonated well and you must be looking forward for perfect remedies.

keep reading!

Here’s what Robbie had to say to John. 

Let’s get started.

John asked, “Why do Cats have Constipation?

To this Robbie answered, just like human beings’ animals do have constipation just like other health issues. Though this is not a very common phenomenon but it happens. And its tough to understand that too. John, tell me something how do you know if pussy completed its bathroom routine somewhere outside the house in the garden. 

So, friends, sometimes as your pets use outdoor toilet as well, its really tough to get hold of their bathroom habits straightaway. 

Does this mean, is your cat suffering from constipation?

Not Sure?

Let us tell you, how to tell if the cat is constipated in this conversation,

John told Robbie, that he was noticing some differences in Pussies regular bathroom habits, firstly it didn’t pass out any stools for more than a day, secondly, after almost thirty hours he seemed to have had a lot of pain to pass out the stools, most importantly the stool was dry and hard also the amount was much smaller than usual.

Now, it struck to Robbie that the symptoms were signaling that Pussy might have been suffering from constipation. 

Thus, from this, we come to know about the basic symptoms of telling if a cat is constipated,

  • Not passing out stools for more than twenty-four hours
  • Stools are hard and dry
  • The quantity is smaller than usual.
  • Straining, which sometimes can be mistaken for a difficulty in passing out urine
  • Occasionally suffering from a loss of appetite
  •  A Tense abdomen

Robbie spoke to the veterinary for pussy’s check-up. 

What is causing Pussy’s constipation?

Mr. Goodwill, who is an experienced veterinary surgeon, explained to them, what are the causes of cat constipation?

How To Palpate A Cat For Constipation?

According to him, the most important causes of constipation in cats include,

  • Dehydration is the number one cause.  Dehydration can be a result of some kind of kidney disease especially in cats who are older in age. 
  • May be your Pussy is having too less fibre and more solids in the diet. 
  • Or, maybe it is consuming excess fibre which is absolutely not healthy for him.
  •  A sedentary lifestyle can also be the cause of constipation.

These things can be easily taken care of at home, care givers need to give more time to their pets and these problems will be solved.

However, dr. Goodwill continued, there are certain other causes of constipation too, these are a bit serious and often need a vet visit and some medicines for cure. 

These causes include, 

  • Hernia
  • Cats can be diagnosed with tumors near the pelvic area often leading to constipation
  • They can be suffering from a nervous disorder
  • Often consuming a foreign body leads to constipation by causing a blockage in the gastro-intestinal tract. 
  • Lastly, similar to human symptoms consumption of certain medicines may also cause constipation.

These causes will not be cured by home remedies, they often need a veterinary consultation. 

Thus, we should thank Dr. Goodwill for sharing this knowledge with us. I think it is going to be a lot of help for all of us just as it helped clear all the doubts of John and Robbie. 

One quick suggestive would be that if you aren’t sure about the causes of what is the underlying reason behind your cat’s constipation then checking up with the vet would be the best thing, supposedly. Else it might end up in more serious turns. 

Better being careful from the beginning!


Some important things that all cat parents should know regarding the constipated cats.

How To Palpate A Cat For Constipation?
How To Palpate A Cat For Constipation?

Luckily, most cats suffer from mild constipation, but when you find that the arrow is more towards severe, then a belly massage or a cat constipation massage should never be attempted.

This can have a different set of side effects which can be more dangerous. This does not help in solid bowel movement at all rather it will cause the intestinal tissues to tear apart dues to the pressure exerted on that and can as well lead to bleeding.

Therefore, trying this cat massage out as a remedy is absolutely not correct. 

Here’s the cure! 

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Cat Constipation Remedies 

Lastly, dr. Goodwill explained to them the remedies and the treatments for this concern. 

Cat Constipation Remedies and cat constipation treatment are two sides of a coin. 

First let us go deeper one by one.

Cat Constipation Treatment.

The medical treatment for severe cat constipation includes lactulose doses by the veterinary which is generally a non-digestible synthetic sugar which acts as a stool softener. The element helps to move water to the intestines thus making it east for the bowels to move.

How To Palpate A Cat For Constipation?

MiraLAX is another dose that works like lactulose, but both these doses should not be used without the consultation with a veterinary.

Therefore, if you want to know how to help a constipated cat, here’s the steps you should be following:

Mild cat constipation can be mitigated by these measures,

  • Increase water supply to the body – most of the symptoms of constipation in cats can be mitigated if a pet parent is making sure that their cats are keeping hydrated throughout the day. Make sure that water bowls are filled with water whenever empty. They are kept at the reach of the cats. They often tend to prefer ceramic or metal bowls therefore you can be using those to help it drink water.

Feeding a wet diet is also an easy way of increasing your cat’s water intake. 

  • Introducing some exercises and activities in your pet cat’s schedule will also help you mitigate the problem of mild constipation. Encourage them to keep their body moving including their intestines. 
  • Most importantly check their food and fibre intake. As stated earlier, both excess and too little consumption of fibre and rock-solid foods can be a cause of constipation. Therefore, parents regularly need to check up with their pussy’s food intake.
How To Palpate A Cat For Constipation?
How To Palpate A Cat For Constipation?

This is one set of remedies, for the other part of the symptoms where you could notice the change in their washroom routines being regular then constipation might be a serious issue.

Fix an appointment with the vet, and follow the steps according to his guidance. Because if it is a case of tumor or some other illness, proper diagnosis and physical treatment is required.

This is in short, ways how you can help a constipated cat.


Pussy was suffering from a tumor which Mr. Goodwill took out of his pelvis through a minor operation. He is doing well now. Robbie and John are taking good care of him.  All I have to say is, your cats need proper care too and so, knowing the correct remedies for the correct illness is very important.  If we love them, we are to take proper care of them. 

We will keep sharing these information tidbits with you all, hoping that these will be of some good to you all. The read will be briefing you up about all the basics of constipation in your pet cats. Hoping you have a good time reading through it!

For all those who are reading it, thank Mr. Goodwill for sharing his knowledge, and read with a smile, change that constipated look of your face!

Happy reading!

Take care of yourselves and your pussies.


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