Catnip extract is a concentrated liquid form of catnip that is widely available in pet stores, health stores, and online.

Usually available as a spray, the products developed especially for cats are inexpensive, non-toxic, easy to use and very versatile. If your cat responds well to catnip, it’s well worth trying one of these sprays out. They don’t usually have the same potent effects of catnip on cats that the fresh or dried plants do, but they should still give Kitty a nice little buzz and put him in a good mood!

Uses Of Catnip Plant Extract

Spray it on or around:

  • Kitty’s old toys to give them a new lease of life
  • Your cat scratching post (old or new) to encourage Kitty to use it
  • Your cat’s bed, especially if he won’t sleep on it. The smell of the catnip should encourage him to use it
  • The litter box, especially if it’s one Kitty is less keen on using

Extract of catnip can also be used for catnip tea and other medicinal catnip plant uses. The version designed for humans is available from health stores and online.

For your cat, I think it’s best to stick to products specifically designed for cats – that way you know that the extract hasn’t been mixed with anything that could be toxic to them.

It is possible to make concentrated liquid catnip yourself. I’ve never tried to do this, but I believe it takes a bit of time and requires some special equipment. As the spray can be bought so inexpensively I’d question the need to make it from scratch. 


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