One-stop solution for all the busy bugs out there is Kitty Poo Club. Moreover, for the unbearable smell of cat urine, the Kitty Poo Club is a perfect solution. Let’s get into the details Kitty Poo Club Reviews.

We would like to tell you what we thought about the product after we have tried it.

Kitty Pool Club Reviews & Ratings:


Basic concept

  • Alternative Brands
  • Unique Kitty Poo Club
  • Such a relief
  • Glimpse of happiness
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Cost
  • Linked with website
  • Trust yourself
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  • The Judgement/ Overall review

Basic Concept

Kitty Poo Club Reviews

Kitty Poo Club is eventual in suitable cat care. An Ohio entrepreneur in October 2017 set afloat a subscription litter box service- one that calls itself the “perfect monthly all in one litter box solution”.

We never blame you if you can not stand the tricks of cleaning out the litter box you are owing. It can not be the most fun activity of your monotonous routine ever. Whether it is the regular litter you have to engage yourself with something like this. Not to worry! Kitty Poo Club is a one-stop solution.

Alterative Brands

Despite having alternative brands Kitty Poo Club stands for the best reviews & ratings. The verdict of the following cat box offers terms like absorbent, lightweight, much convenient, order control, tracking reducer, the dust factor, and so on.

We have a review for the amazing unique product as they offer a disposable box with litter in it providing as a Subscription service.

Cardboard is used as a material. Though it is having waterproofing material inside it so that the chances of leaking is very less.

We have tested the all in one Kitty Poo Club and it will make the cleaning and disposal process easier and more effective ever.

Unique Kitty Pool Club

  • Firstly, the unique system is a subscription service. Every month, you will get a shipment of Kitty Pool Club litter.
  • Secondly, it has its disposable litter box which results in that you will never have to scrub a plastic pan.
  • Lastly, this product is pocket-friendly. It comes with silica gel which does not require much maintenance. You can get a happy month with crystal grain silica litter. This will be a month without scooping a single drip of urination of your cat.

Such a relief

Kitty Pool Club offers you to pair the disposable box with numerous addable litter, and redeem Kitty Koins by adding food and treats via subscription.

Consequently many things you can handle with one go. We have tried the product more than a week to take notes on each aspect of the experience.

Glimpse of Happiness

The litter box option is about as hands of by giving such magic plugins as follows:

  • Absorbent: Each crystal od silica sucks the moisture and locks it away.
  • As light as feather: the litter is lighter than a day after getting saturated.
  • Convenience: it can be a pleasant moment when you get someone who can scoop the poop instead of you. The procedure is simple by resealing the lid and get rid of the biodegradable cardboard.
                                  Pros                                     Cons
It is not an approved eco-friendly service.
Considerable smell control
No dust or fine powder
Tracking reduces
The cartoon is catchy and biodegradable
One cartoon lasts a month


Kitty Poo Club Reviews

It can be unexpectedly a pocket-friendly cat litter. Including shipping, you have to pay $20 per box. It is not more than old school options in the matter of experience.

If you are already using a leading brand, it might save your money. Time to change the brand folks!

 Linked with website

When you hit the get started button on the homepage, you will be given a short questionnaire that induces you to solve questions regarding your preferences.

 About Kitty Poo Club

The club gives you to head on plugins to round out your order. Enjoy decorating your bathroom with the order of eye-catching accessories like litter mat, scoop, and even litter box dome. Litter box dome will help you to keep everything together.

Once you have done with all the options, it will summarize the order. After checking the order by setting up an account, proceed to the checkout. The company delivers the product every four weeks.

You can make changes if you want though you have set up your account. Edit suitable litter to your box and if you would like to pick any accessories, treats, or food in your next shipment.

Trust yourself

Kitty Poo Club Reviews
Kitty Poo Club Reviews

The best way to find out if it’s fitting for your home or not to try out yourself. The remarkable thing is that if you are not satisfied with the experience. Kitty Poo Club gives refund a single box within two weeks of the first order by you as per they give a guarantee.

As of now, Kitty Poo Club is giving a 25% special reduction on litter cartoons for the new and fresh subscribers. You will get a starter bundle and a free dome and free scoop. This would be a 15% discount.

Kitty Poo Club will ask for the record of how many cats you have, what will be the preference of your litter and accessories.

Each good comes with a litter cartoon and one of three types of litter.

  • Silica gel beads
  • Powdered like silica gel crystals
  • The old fashioned clay.

However, all the products from Kitty Poo Club are unscented and dye-free.

  • Big grain silica gel
Kitty Poo Club Reviews
Kitty Poo Club Reviews

This litter with inbuilt spherical beads found in silica gel desiccant tie-ups. The round beads make your cat’s paws comfortable. Though they are large compared to typical crystals and set upright the threshold of each particle.

It is more adsorbant in comparison to any other silica gel litter products. produce any moisture to evaporate. The procedure of scoop out any clumps from this type of litter can be eliminated.

  • Fine-grained silica gel

In this litter, scooping is not necessary. Moreover, it can control moisture along with odors until one month. It has a sandy texture appearance. One cat will get one box.

  • Clumping clay

The following litter is the fine-grained themed. The sand-like product contains minerals for the purpose to increase odor control.

  • Soy-based cat litter

Kitty Poo Club planned to release a soy-based cat litter in June 2020. It is the first plant-based litter solution from Kitty Poo Club. The funda is to create clumps. Clumps will make easy cleaning and gives microbial odor control.

After ordering fine-grained crystal litter and scoop(free). The setup comes with a throwaway box(cardboard), a litter bag, and a scoop. It looks spacious, shows respective inches deep. All this packed in a slim convenient cartoon.

It was different in its way. Some boxes covered litter boxes that lock your cat. The roof-like dome contains litter that might escape over the edges but not making the litter box more restrict.

One of my friends used in the next 2 weeks. Let’s see what she has reviewed about the product so far.

My points after using Kittypooclub products are as follows:

  • My kitties experienced and reviewed. They aren’t usually possessive with their litters. I was glad. My cats were hopping in and out of the cartoon. This the gesture after I put them in the bathroom area.
  • I witnessed dust itself after pouring the litter into the cardboard cartoon. I have observed such dust in the silica gel litter products in the past. It was a ‘nuisance dust’ but not ‘noxious’. It differs in all crystalline silica by a clay litter. This dust can cause coughing sometimes.
  • Moreover, I have observed it one more time when scooping the box, sofly get out of the box. It is not always imitating but it is noticeable.

However, dustiness is the most common thing among Kitty Poo Club customers.


I am using the litter for many weeks with two cats with the advised 30 days with one cat. The product without scooping does the amazing job of neutralizing bad odors of urine. We can get rid of the most fecal odor also.

Though some odors persist thereafter using a few days. The odor control is much better than a few days. The odor control is much better than other brands but it is not perfect I can review. However, it differs from person to person!

The point to be considered is not only a cardboard cartoon results in a waterproof coating that stops urine from seeping into the fibers. This could be the replacement by the company whereas some reviewers say that the waterproof lining is less effective and I am very happy with this.

Change up

I have noticed a little scattering out of the sides when I lifted and shifted the box but if you carefully hold it parallel to the floor and don’t shake it much it can be secure. We can say words like easy, quick, clean, and simple.


My experience using products from Kitty Poo Club was good but I can’t say perfect. I am satisfied with the box design, tracking, and scattered, easy removal they have offered. The fine-grained silica gel litter was satisfactory for me.

In the comparison of dustiness and fair odor, the litter was acceptable but not impressive.

The experience of popular large grain litter of Kitty Poo Club has been different for me. However, other customers praised the litter as low dust and low maintenance choice as well. You may get such facilities that Kitty Poo Club gives at a lower cost from other brands too.

The judgment/ Overall review

Kitty Poo Club Reviews
Kitty Poo Club Reviews

In the overall review, we like the fundamental concept. For the people who remain busy and could not get much time in cleaning. However, it is said to be one of the most odor control solution and again if you can’t bear the unpleasant smell of cat urine this could be a blessing for you.

If you are thinking about not having to clean out the used tray then this product will help you tremendously.

Based on the experience point of view, we give this product rating of 4.5 out of 5. The main reason is that silica does not demean fastly. You will have the same problem with the clay. Additionally, we use gloves when cleaning out the plastic. Using clay could even be a shabby idea.

                                                  Q & A

What material is used to make KittyPooClub?

It is made of pure silica crystals cat trash. The advantage is there are no chemicals, dies, or fragrances used in the boxes. And this is the most common reason people choose this subscription.

2. Which are the alternative brands of Kittypoolclub?

  • Okocat cat litter
  • Catspot cat litter
  • So fresh cat litter

3. What safety given by the brand for my cat?

Many hands raised in the matter over silica dust and cats, especially regarding respiratory issues. However, Kittypoolclub is a dustfree product.

4. Why disposable is a matter of consideration?

The world is going green and we all prefer the eco-friendly product. Such as wood. All wood is not safe for cats like treated wood. The game-changer silica locks the smell. It is worth investing if you can’t abid the urine smell.

5. Is the Kittypooclub durable or not?

Here we are being skeptical as we are old fashioned in the matter of cat’s box. We always want that it’s better to switch out clay or natural pellets once a week and when the company said it would last a month.we were confused that one box lasts one month. The cardboard used in the box is durably corrugated which stand a lot of wear and tear.

6. What do the experts say about the Kittypooclub?

Cats will be cats. Now people should accept the fact. The crystals can easily pass than hard clay. You will surely fall for the catchy designs on the box. 


For sensitive paws or has been declawed, she might not take to it.

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