A number of organs within the body that functions during a coordinated manner form a system. For instance, the heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins constitute the cardiovascular system .

The human body is functioning properly thanks to the coordinated action of varied systems given below:

  • Skeleton
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Nervous, Endocrine & Immune Systems
  • Digestive system

Skeletal System

The main purpose of the skeleton is to supply mechanical stability for the body, to guard the fragile organs and to function an anchorage for the muscles so as to form possible through liver action.

The skeleton also is a reservoir for calcium and phosphorous and contains the bone marrow during which blood cells are formed.

The skeleton consists of 206 bones.

The skeletal bones are completely enclosed by a membrane called periosteum, from which a replacement bone is made within the healing of fractures.

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Circulatory System

The cardiovascular system may be a sort of transport system. The cardiovascular system help in supplying the oxygen and digested food to different parts of our body and removing Carbon-Di-Oxide from the blood.

The guts is that the centre of the cardiovascular system . The guts is formed from muscles.

It acts as a pump. the guts pumps blood by a movement called heart-beating.

The guts pumps the blood through the circulation to the lungs and thru the systematic circulation to other organs of the body.

Circulatory System
human body

Respiratory System

The systema respiratorium cares with breathing and respiration. It main organs are the lungs. The systema respiratorium starts from the nose and end of the lungs. We breathe through our nose.

The nose features a cavity which results in the wind-pipe. this is often referred to as the cavity . The cavity contains some hair at the opening.

These hairs filter dirt particles because, The air passes through the nose. air passes through the nose.

The cavity is additionally wet at the rear . So once we breath through the nose we inhale air that’s free from dirt. ‘Breathing in’ is named as inspiration and ‘breathing out’ is named as expiration.

Nervous, Endocrine & Immune Systems

Without a master system that tells our bodies what to try to to , none of the organ systems we’ve talked about thus far would work.

The organs within the human systema nervosum are made from cells, called neurons, That use chemicals and electricity to send messages.

this technique has two main parts, the central systema nervosum (CNS) and therefore the peripheral systema nervosum (PNS), which you’ll see within the diagram below.

The central systema nervosum consists of the brain and therefore the medulla spinalis , which function the most control centers for the body and process all incoming and outgoing messages.

The peripheral systema nervosum includes all the nerves in your body that bring messages to the central systema nervosum and from the CNS to the muscles.

The Human systema nervosum

Whereas the systema nervosum mainly uses electrical signals to speak between cells, the system relies upon chemicals, called hormones, to send long distance messages through the body.

for instance , rather than communicating directly by lecture your neighbor, you opt to send him or her a letter. the most organs found within the human system are located within the brain and include the hypothalamus, thalamus and pituitary .

They ask other endocrine organs, just like the adrenal glands, testes and ovaries to help with other organ systems. the subsequent is a picture of the various organs that structure the system and secrete hormones.

Digestive System:

The gastrointestinal system is liable for digesting the food one eats. within the gastrointestinal system the food is disintegrated chemically in order that it are often absorbed.

The gastrointestinal system is within the sort of an extended tube consists of the mouth at its upper end and therefore the refore the anus at its.

lower orifice and the food is advanced by peristaltic movements produced by automatic rhythmic contractions of the graceful muscles present throughout the wall of the alimentary canal .



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