There’s been a lot of buzz around the assumption or correlation that consuming low fat dairy products helps people to weight lose.

A lot of people will put their low fat dairy consumption into overdrive when they are trying to drop weight because it is a common belief, just in the past five years or so, that eating a lot of say low fat yogurt, cheese and skim milk can help you lose weight.

Turns out, it probably is still just good old calorie restriction, and that may be the reason why the low fat dairy helps some to lose weight.

A study was done on kids trying to lose weight, who consumed low fat dairy instead of higher fat dairy foods.


The study unfortunately showed that kids did not really drop weight on the low fat dairy, even though they were reducing their dietary fat intake by doing so.

It may just be the same old reducing the calories thing.

Maybe these kids ate low fat dairy, but still consumed the same amount of calories to make up for that lack of fat somewhere else in their diet, and that is why they didn’t lose the weight like they should have.

The children who were on the study consumed only low fat dairy products for a total of about six months. 

After the six months were up, their weight and their BMI (Body Mass Index, a measure of the ratio of body fat and weight to height).

Low Fat Dairy
Weight Loss

They found that the children had not lost any weight, and their BMI had not budged.

The surmised that it was because the children were actually making up the calories they cut by eating low fat dairy somewhere else in their diet, so that is why they did not reap any of the benefits of consuming lower fat dairy.

This is a common complaint against low fat foods. While many people can eat a low fat food and be ok with it, most of our bodies tell us that we are missing that fat, and we make it up by eating more fat or calories somewhere else.

It’s the same concept with artificial sweeteners, which is why many people believe artificial sweeteners can actually contribute to weight gain.

Our bodies ultimately crave fat and calories, and when we try to sneak it in here and there with low fat products that don’t satisfy, our bodies rebel and seek it out elsewhere.

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