When choosing names for cats and kittens, there are some

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practical things you should consider..

In addition, of course, to trying to narrow down thousands of possible cat names into one!

This page gives some useful tips and advice on things to think about when you’re thinking about cat and kitten names for your new furball!


Tips for Choosing Great Names for Cats and Kittens

1) Avoid names that sound like other names

Your cat’s or kitten’s name should sound different to the names of any humans or other animals living with you. Anything too similar will cause confusion for all concerned!

2) Make sure you definitely know the sex of your kitten or cat if you’re giving him or her a male / female name

You may laugh at this at first, but I know two big strapping tom cats whose owners made exactly this mistake. One of these cats is called Phoebe and the other’s Lily…

3) Keep names for cats and kittens short and simple

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A couple of syllables are probably about the best, though I’ve named some of my cats with three-syllable names and they’ve learned them no problem. Names that have “hard” sounding letters in them are easier for your kitten to learn and recognize. So Sybil and Charlie, for example, are easier for a cat or kitten to pick up than Merlin or Flo.

4) Avoid names that sound like instructions

Names that sound like instructions you’re likely to give to your cat or kitten should be avoided, as there’s a good chance you’ll really confuse her. For example, names that sound like “no,” “stay,” “down” etc.

5) Choose a name that will be appropriate for your kitten’s whole life

It’s tempting to use very cute kitten names for tiny, adorable fluffball kittens. But you need to think long-term – will Cutiepops still be appropriate if your kitten grows into an adult male weighing 20 pounds?

6) Avoid names that will make people laugh at your cat

Cats know when they’re being laughed at, and they don’t like it.

7) Avoid names that you aren’t prepared to shout outside

If your kitten or cat is going to go outdoors, you need to give her a name you’re happy to call out. You also need to make sure the rest of your family are happy to call it out. You might be fine with shouting Snozzleflumps down the street, but your teenage son or macho partner may not…

A cat’s or kitten’s name is obviously no use to her whatsoever unless she knows it. For advice on training a kitten to learn her name, click here.

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