Though some SEO experts claim that Over Optimization Penalty is a Myth and nothing like that exists in the SEO world but this happening every day. Whenever Google changes its algorithm hundreds of website gets banned.

In most cases, the penalization applied just cause of BackLink Over Optimization, and this known as BLOOP. Google’s Anti SPAM engineer, Matt Cutts has also stated that,

Optimizing your site for better ranking on SERPs is a good idea but remember overdoing this could demote your site ranking.

What Is The Over Optimization Penalty?

When Webmasters, in order to get Organic Traffic through Search Engines, tries to optimize their website/blog either by adopting White Hat strategies or Black Hat Strategies. Most of them Love White Hat SEO Tactics.

But even after choosing White Hat SEO strategies, it’s always possible to get penalized by Search Engines. This may be due to they did something wrong either consciously or by mistake (or lack of skill). This phenomenon is known as the Over Optimization Penalty by Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.


As we know there are more than 200 Factors that can affect your ranking on Google Search Results (SERPs). We can grouped them all in to two categories On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Factors.

On-Page SEO factors loved by everyone. But it has been noticed that most of the time Over Optimization Penalty applied cause of wrong/overdone On-Page SEO Tactics.

When Over Optimization Penalty Apply?

When Over Optimization Penalty Apply
When Over Optimization Penalty Apply

There could be dozens of possible reasons for which your site gets penalized. The most known reasons are as discussed below.


BLOOP stands for BackLink Over Optimization Penalty. Nowadays this is a very common reason that causes penalization. When you have way too many backlinks, likely with too similar Anchor Text, this will lead to a penalty and you can name it BLOOP.

Very High Keyword Density

Though there could not be any magical % of Keyword Density on a page going above the safest range could be lead to penalization. Having 3 to 7% keyword density is good but going above 7% would contribute to an over-optimization penalty. This also known as keyword stuffing and Google hates this.


Using a technique that redirects visitors to a page dedicated to this purpose without being redirected to the search robot too. In most cases where this technique is used, the homepage where the redirection is made it’s a beautiful page with rich content that is not dedicated to the reader.

But only to the robot search, so the reader is redirected to another page. This could also penalize your site.

Improper use of H1 Tags

As I have been discussed so many times before all the words coming between H1 or Heading Tags 1 are the most important in the context of SEO. Search Engines treat those words as the most important part of your page.

You should use all heading tags in a proper way to get maximum benefit. I strongly believe that there should be only 1 H1 heading tag on each page.

Same Keyword Phrase In All Primary Texts

Texts between Heading Tags, Page Title, Bolded Tags, Underlined Tags, and Navigation Links are treated as Primary Texts, Repeating a single keyword in all these could be a reason for penalization. You should always try to use different variations of your keyword phrase in the primary text.

There could be many more reasons such as Repeating a Single Keyword Phrase more than 3 times in Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, Overcrowded Keywords in HTML Comments, Table Tags, Alt tags, Link Titles, etc.

Over Optimization Penalty (OOP) is a reality of the SEO world and most of the time it’s applied on your site cause of your effort to make your site ‘Too Perfect‘.

How To Recover From Over Optimization Penalty?

The simplest way to recover from any penalty is, you need to fix it and then submit it for reconsideration. Depending upon the reason for penalization it could be easy or may be tough.

But it’s the only way to recover from this penalty. For Google, you can submit your Reconsideration request directly via Google Webmaster Tool. Read this for more information about this.

The moral of the story is you should police your site but not via following wrong methods. Play with SEO only when you exactly know how to play. It’s always beneficial for you to not apply any SEO tactics rather than of applying them in the wrong way.

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