Do you have a cat? Well, having a cat or any pet is so much fun but at the same time hectic as well. You will have to take care of them more than anything else, especially when they are small. You have to make them clean and safe as well. Although, being a cat lover you can not give them anything that would harm them rather you will have to keep searching for something that is natural and trustable.Skoon cat litter Reviews

Your little friend is too little to handle anything harsh and this is something you will have to worry no matter what. In fact, this is the biggest reason why you are searching for Skoon Cat Litter Review is amazingly popular among cat owners and owners are continuously searching for natural cat litters solution for their pets and the earth as well.

I was also finding something that would be natural and it would solve my problem as well. And then one fine day, I was introduced with skoon by one of my friends and I found it perfect for my purpose. Hence, I will be sharing my experience with you in this article. Let’s find out!

What Is Skoon Cat Litter?

Skoon cat litter Reviews
Skoon cat litter Reviews

If you have heard about diatoms then you must know how good and natural it is and honestly, it’s been there for a very long time now. At home, we generally use organic diatomaceous earth and food-grade to control bugs. On the other hand, you might feel that diatomaceous seems pretty much complicated but it is actually not that complicated. This is simply fossilized which remains of diatoms.

However, skoon is an Afrikan word that means clean and if you are going for this, then you will get exactly the same thing as a clean way to deal with your cat’s toilet. Not everyone likes to clear them all by themselves and that’s why they prefer a litter solution. This is a basic problem with working patents because they can not be at home and clean their cat’s toilet.

If you are wondering why do I love Skoon cat litter this much then the reason has to be Diatomaceous earth. Most of the litters I have used before, they used to be stuffed with papers, wood, corn, or grass. But, so far Diatomaceous earth is the most natural anti-bacterial ingredient ever.

Is It Good For Your Cat?

Skoon cat litter Reviews

Well, if you love natural things for your pet then this is the best one for your cat. Sometimes, we have seen people getting worried because their cat has a kind of bad habit of eating litters and all litters are not at all safe. On the other hand, with Skoon you do not have to worry about their safety as they are totally safe.

The earth will literally go through their digestive tract without even creating any sort of trouble. However, we are not really going to suggest you make it a regular part of your cat’s snacking schedule but, it will not create any harm at all. The safe food-grade ensures extra safety and no such harm.

When I used it for the first time, I was a bit worried too but soon after watching my cat for two to three days, I could say that this is the best one and you must have it. Being a cat or dog owner I know how risky it is to use something for the first time but with the litter, you will never have to feel anything like that.

Hence, there are a hell lot of reasons behind me loving this so much.

Skoon Reviews: Reasons Of Having This

If you are not gonna look for a hell lot of qualities but that one quality then it has to be nothing but the absorptive properties of Skoon. When it comes to holding moisture, there is no other litter that can beat it at any cost. There are so many natural cat litter products you may find, but this is going to give you the best experience ever. Not only you but your cat will eventually love it a lot.

Best For The environment:

We have to mention this no matter what. Its biodegradable property has made it extraordinary and different from other ones. The earth will not only create any harm to your cat but it is also very much eco friendly. If you want to test then you can simply keep this in the trash and send it off. At least this is the process said by the company itself. Skoon litter will eventually break down in a short time at the landfill.

Skoon cat litter Reviews

We have to mention this no matter what. Its biodegradable property has made it extraordinary and different from other ones. The earth will not only create any harm to your cat but it is also very much eco friendly. If you want to test then you can simply keep this in the trash and send it off. At least this is the process said by the company itself. Skoon litter will eventually break down in a short time at the landfill.

If you have a nice garden then you may try another disposal option and it will work for you too. But, you should never ever flush the skoon litter otherwise it will create some bacterial effect on ocean life. Hence, if you love eco-friendly products and care for your environment then you must opt for this and we can assure you that you will be happy!

This Is Amazingly Absorbent:

Discussing Diatomaceous Earth Cat Litter and not mentioning its ability to absorb everything would be unfair. Skoon is filled with pores so the moisture will get soaked up very early. They will literally trap up to three times the amount of liquid that clay litter would ever be.

It Is Very Much Comfortable:

Honestly, I felt it is pretty much comfortable because my cat was feeling very much comfortable after getting in there and Skoon is literally filled with smooth pebbles and the pebbles are small. Although, I noticed that they were comparatively smaller than the clay particles.

That is the reason your cat will love it a lot. We can assure you that you won’t get to hear any sort of sound when the urine will hit Skoon litter. And probably this is the best part because you have a full room with guests, would you like to hear that sound?

It Is Very Lightweight:

Honestly, I have used a lot of Litters before but when I am saying that I have never ever got something like Skoon, then I mean it. This is very much lightweight if you compare it with any other litter. If you have ever checked the company website then you will see the company itself has claimed that this litter is 4x lighter.

Skoon cat litter Reviews
Skoon cat litter Reviews

You can use this if you want a convenient option and want something that would be pretty much carryable as well. It’s not like that we have to keep our cat at home every time but sometimes, they need a vacation too, right?

Now, if you are wondering does it exactly works then we will give you a detailed view of this working too efficiently to imagine. So, now you can have a look at how it actually works in terms of performance. Apart from everything else, performance is something that needs to be judged and it should be top-notch.


As we have said earlier that the pebbles are enough large so they will never ever get stuck to your cat’s paws. And we know this is your uttermost concern so that the paws do not get stuck. Even if you remember your previous experience I am pretty much sure that you will get scared just like me. With this Skoon litters, you will never have to worry about the messy cleanups. You can totally give importance to your tracking control. This will be the best benefit for you, possibly.

Odor Control:

Diatomaceous earth is so porous and this is the best part about this. I have seen that Skoon does a great job when it comes to controlling odor and it does it effortlessly. I love litters that are unscented so that you can easily follow up on your cleaning routine on a daily basis. You need to clean the scoop once a day or so. The best part about it I feel is, they do not use any sort of perfume to cover up the odor. Otherwise, it would be the worst case.


This is one of the best dust-free litters and if you have any sort of dust allergy so something then there is no other best option available for you. Skoon litters are dust-free virtually and this is because of the large particle size. Even if you feel the particles have started to break down then also, it will never ever get powdery. Hence, you or your cat have respiratory issues then you guys can stay safe. We kept mentioning that it is a natural product so what do you expect?


You already know that Skoon traps liquids within the pebbles, so there is no need to scoop out clumps. Skoon will provide you a special scooper so that you can remove the solid waste from the box. Otherwise, you can simply stir the pebbles around and it will refresh the litter box contents. In fact, you will be amazed to see that the scooper has much larger holes than any other one and that is why it allows the pebbles to fall through.

Do You Know How Long It Will Last?

It is quite lost lasting at least I have felt that. If you buy an eight-pound bag then you will see that it lasts up to one month if you have one cat. If you want then you can also go for a disposable litter box. The disposable ones contain four pounds of litter and they will last for 3-4 weeks. We would suggest you choose the disposable one because you can use it up to 4 weeks and then seal everything up and keep it in the trash.

When the pebbles will need to be changed, you will see the color will be changing and the smell also will become pervasive a bit. Hence, you need to change the litter then.

Skoon Litter Coupon Code:

When I am giving Skoon Cat Litter Reviews it would be unfair not to talk about the pricing. Honestly, it is not that expensive as it just comes under $25 for a month’s supply. Hence, you do not have to worry that much. Still, if you want to get a discount then we have some amazing coupon codes for you and you must check them out! With these codes, you may get up to a 40% flat discount and just imagine how minimal you will have to pay. Let’s not waste any moment and order away.Skoon cat litter Reviews

Let’s talk about some basic pros and cons below

Pros Cons
The odor control quality of this Litter is literally great even if you are using multiple households.The eight-pound bag is the biggest one that you may avail of.
It contains not even a single harmful chemical.Your cat might not like it that much.
The ability to handle a lot of liquid is such a great thing.N/A
This is absolutely environment friendly as well as biodegradable.N/A
You can easily dig it into your garden and it will be mixed with soil.N/A


If you ask me to review this product then I will definitely give it a 4.7 star out of 5 and so far, you have understood how much I love and prefer this product for my companion and I feel like, you should give it a try as well. The all-natural thing will definitely make you amazed and the best part that I would like to mention all over again is nothing but the odor-controlling thing. Without this, I would never ever have loved it so much. I can literally hang out with my family without getting worried like when I have to clean it.Skoon cat litter Reviews

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