If your company is hopping on the marketing automation bandwagon, it’d be good for you to know what to expect and how to make the best of your newly acquired business tool.

This practice is all about optimization, but it’s not limited solely to marketing. It envelopes the entire sales process too, thus reinforcing acquisition, conversion, and retention, lowering costs, and yielding a higher ROI rate.

These are the 18 best things you can do with marketing automation tools.

Visualize Your Marketing Journey

Marketing stands as alpha and omega of the entire sales process, simultaneously driving new prospects to the funnel, and keeping them engaged throughout the customer journey. Being an ongoing process, it greatly benefits from sequence visualisation embedded in great marketing tools.

Reinforce Your Targeting Efforts

Numerous factors determine the effectiveness of a marketing strategy, but neither of them is as important as audience targeting. Today’s marketing automation tools help you build your campaigns in a super-targeted way, thus making sure that your message is delivered exactly where it should be.

Employ a Multichannel Approach

Speaking of impactful message delivery, targeted marketing campaigns should take into account the audience’s communication preferences as well. Are they using Facebook, email, or SMS? Marketing automation tools will help you find out, and if need be, scatter your message across multiple channels.

Optimize Social Media Campaigns

A multichannel approach requires you to post on different social media at the same time, which is where marketing automation saves both time and energy. You can create blasts and engaging campaigns with ease, manage them from a centralized dashboard, and schedule them ahead of time.

Never Stop Testing and Improving

With some of the best marketing automation tools, campaign A/B testing never stops. Unlike traditional split testing that was possible to run only once or twice before an official launch, it tackles every single phase of your marketing journey and tells you what needs to be improved in real time.

Keep Your CRM up to Date

As mentioned before, the benefits of employing a marketing automation tool are not limited exclusively to marketing.

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State-of-the-art solutions are designed for an effortless integration with CRM systems, thus keeping the customer database full, organized, and up to date at any given moment.

Segment and Prioritize Prospects

That’s right, integrated CRM and marketing solutions allow for more powerful lead scoring. From qualification and segmentation to prioritization, the most sophisticated marketing automation tools can take your acquisition game to a whole different level. And, that’s half the job for your sales team.

Nurture and Convert Leads

The other half refers to lead nurturing and effective retargeting, both of which can seal the sales deal if they are properly executed. Marketing automation tools can assist you with this as well, helping you repurpose your stellar content and therefore save time, money, and energy on customer conversion.

Tailor Highly Personalized Campaigns

Personalization is key to faster conversions, but it requires both customer insight and efficiency. While a reliable CRM stays on top of customer interactions before and throughout the buyer’s journey, a marketing automation software uses this data to custom-tailor campaigns that convert every time.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Being equipped with a customer relationship management system and a marketing automation tool that work together towards the same goal, you’re able to pinpoint your loyal customers and start turning them into brand ambassadors. Comb through their data, and custom-tailor a referral program.

Streamline Your Workflow

Optimization is automatization’s second name – any tool that puts your day-to-day operations on autopilot facilitates your progress and streamlines your workflow. The same applies to marketing automation tools, especially when they are made to deal with both sales and customer interactions.

Reduce Your Staffing Costs

Consequently, automation guarantees lower costs of marketing and sales. With repetitive and manual work being taken care of, one employee can successfully complete a 50-person’s worth of everyday tasks. It’s all thanks to marketing tools that allow you to create automatically triggered campaigns.

Encourage Transparency and Accountability

Are there any leads in your CRM system that are not being nurtured? Do you have long-term customers who haven’t been retargeted in a while? Not only will a marketing automation tool provide all these information on a glance, but it will also send you notifications for when you need to improve.

Improve Strategic Decision Making

All marketing automation tools come with powerful reporting features. While some of them generate customer feedback and measure main KPIs, others analyse this data for better decision making. They’ll tell you exactly what opportunities not to miss, and which marketing course to take moving forward.

Facilitate Interdepartmental Collaboration

Serving as centralized systems for managing marketing, sales, and customer interactions at the same time, these automation tools will help your employees collaborate faster than ever before. Interdepartmental teamwork must not be overlooked, as it is the first step towards customer success.

Inspire Creativity

Repetition drains all creative juices from your employees, robbing them of both time and energy they would otherwise put into out-of-the-box thinking and professional development. Automation is the best way to restore their creative potential and allow them to contribute in a more impactful way.

Be More Effective

A creative workspace fosters happy and productive employees. Be they from marketing, sales, or customer support, they will be able to lean on their automation tool for mundane processes and focus on burning issues and more challenging cases. Using a handy toolkit, they will work faster and better.

Increase Your Overall ROI

With all these interdepartmental improvements in place, you company will start moving up faster than ever before. The employees’ time and energy will be proactively used, customers will be engaged and satisfied, while your expenses will keep dropping. In a few months, you’ll see an increase in ROI too.

Whatever it is that your company is looking to improve, a marketing automation tool is a great way to start. Providing a myriad of benefits for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management, these software systems make a smart investment in both everyday productivity and future growth.



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