Catnip is an easy to grow perennial herb. The plant is highly ornamental and who won’t love the heart-shaped grey-green foliage which is sheer fragrant? The showy clusters are held on the brunch, which is generally o0f white or lavender in color. And what about the usage?
The leaves of this plant are used to make teas for an upset stomach. Be it fresh or dried, the leaves are always helpful for nervous headaches and cold too.

But where to buy catnip seeds, if you want to grow them at your courtyard and all by yourself? Before you buy them, you must know how to grow them instead.



Where to Buy Catnip Seeds

These Non-GMO catnip seeds come in colorful labeling and with all the instructions you need to know while planting them. All the seeds are produced from open-pollinated plants. The best time to grow these seeds is at the end of winter or in early spring.


Where to Buy Catnip Seeds

Catnip plus is a fun and irresistible thing for your cat. This pack contains premium catnip seeds for your cat. The flavor ensures that your cat loves and go nuts for it. The ingredients are pine bark, hardwood charcoal, planta gel, etc. Planta gel is a water absorbing agent, which keeps the seeds moist. You can grow these seeds straight from the container.

This is from Miracle Care and is the best buy for beginners who want to try their hands-on growing catnip. You can even store some seeds for future use.


This is another catnip brand you can give a try to. This product is also Non-GMO and nontoxic and is completely easy to grow at your house.

Benefits of the catnip seeds you buy from power grow:

Where to Buy Catnip Seeds
  • They are Non-GMO and are organic
  • This is a hardy herb that can be used for your cat and for your tea
  • There is a large number of catnip seeds come along with the pack
  • Some Information you need to know to germinate the Catnip seeds effectively:


Where to Buy Catnip Seeds

This product is a premium quality of catnip seeds. This is freshly grown in Canada and promises the best quality being free from any additives or preservatives. These seeds are collected from the harvested plants and at the highest peak of the season. These seeds are entirely safe for your kitten. This product is appropriate for storing for a more extended period, it stays fresher even after years.

Though you can expect every seed, you buy to turn out to be a plant. There are some tips and tricks to help your seeds to get germinated and grow out as a plant.

  • Damage the seeds slightly before planting. The way helps the seeds to get germinated quickly. For best result, place the seeds in the freezer and then put the seeds in a bowl full of water for 24 hours. The coat of the seeds will get damaged that way, and it will help the seeds to get sprouted quickly.
  • Drain the soil well, before you plant the catnip seeds. Don’t use any additional fertilizer to take care of your plants, to decrease the potency of aroma and flavor of the plant.
  • Remove the flowers from the plant, by cutting the plant into half before they start to seed. Catnip plants grow invasively.

TAKEAWAY: Growing the catnip plants can be rewarding. Now when you know how to germinate the catnip seeds and grow the catnip plants at home by self-care, you can enjoy the excellent herb. The seeds come in different packages depending upon the number of seeds inside the bag. You can buy as per your requirement and availability of soil space you have.


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