Hi everyone! Internet is like a black hole. If you spend an ample amount of time in front of it, you will surely discover something very bizarre. 

We also saw one such weird video few days back of cat getting scared by seeing cucumber and little creature was running back and forth from here and there in shock!

We are also very sure that you all must have tried to give cucumbers to your cat but they started getting freaked out and jump in air because of terror!

This left you all in dilemma that why cats are getting scared of this non-moving greenish eatable object?

So, we decided to clear your doubts here!

Let’s have a look at your loving cat and start the scare voyage with us!

Why is your cat getting scared by a cucumber?

  • Theory 1: This reminds them of snakes or other predators!

This is an anticipated fact from experts that cats are not scared from cucumber, they are scared from the appearance of cucumber. 

Yes, you heard it right! 

One of the well said theory is that cucumbers reminds cats of snakes and other predators. “Cats are genetic enemy of snakes or predators and they always prefer to keep a safe distance from them because they think that cucumber (snakes) will attack it and kill it.” 

“Cucumber and marks on it look like snakes and cats reflex action makes them to get afraid of them.”, as told by Con Slobodchikoff, a famous animal behaviourist.

The fact is so funny! And so are cats! 

  • Theory 2: Cats don’t want that green watery food behind them! 
Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?
Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

In video, we saw that cucumber was kept just behind the cat which was peacefully enjoying its meal. And when cat turned back, it got scared its heart popping out.


“It is very natural instinct that if something will sneak up in front of them without any noise, they will surely get scared. The sudden appearance of cucumber is what makes them afraid and anxious”, the theory was defined by Mikel Delgado, a famous certified animal behaviour consultant. 

Reports suggests that apples and bananas are also other fruits which makes cats scared.

“Cucumber triggers cat’s natural startle responses. Because of their reflex action, they often see cucumbers and distant themselves from it.”, the theory was again given by Berkeley. 

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Point to remember:

Instead of following stereotypical approach while cat-sitting, you should consider what is good for your cat and what it likes. 

Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?
Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

Because just like human beings, they also have different tastes and different reaction to actions. 

Never scare your cat by cucumbers:

The videos showing cat getting scared by cucumbers are damn funny. But it is strictly advisable not to perform same prank at home with your cat. Your prank can turn out to be something serious.

It is not good for their health!

If you will do so, it can often result in:

  1. Injury to cats while running away.
  2. They can break something in the house.
  3. It can lead to increase in heart rate if your cat is having weak heart.
  4. Can lead to prolonged chronic mental stress and anxiety.
  5. Will start to get afraid from other green fruits too.
  6. Muscles of cats will get stiff aching its back.

Additional information: some other things which your cat must be hating:

Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?
Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

Yes, we know that you all are putting all of your efforts in keeping your cats happy with lots of love, care, treats and playtime. 

But there can be something which they hate apart from cat getting scared by cucumbers but are not able to express. Some can be below:

  1. Smells: 

Cats hates the smell of eucalyptus, lemon, thyme, and lavender. Apart from these, they hate the odour of deodorants, pepper, pine, and banana.

Just like human beings, they also hate bad smelling bathroom. They avoid going near dirty litter boxes too.

  1. Taking medication:

No cat loves to being on pills and liquid antibiotics. If it is important for them to get medicated, you should mix it in the food and give to them.

  1. Other cats in their area:

Cats are not friendly in their community. Whether it is their friends or family, they hate seeing other cat in their territory. They see them as their competitor- in attention, in food, and in everything. 

  1. Cutting nails:

Cats will always resist their partners to trim their nails. They think that you are going to harm them.

  1. Loud noises:

Some noises are under control but some are uncontrollable. Whether it is the sound of thunderstorm, firecrackers, car honk, and other things. They get afraid.

  1. Bathing:

It is universal fact that cats don’t like to bath. They hate getting wet. If it is very necessary, then bath them and blow dry them instantly.


We know that you all love your cats and taking great care of them. But these were the few things having focus on cucumbers which can fierce your cat and they will be unhappy to be with you. So, keep all these points into consideration and all the best to you and your cats.


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