Have you ever asked yourself “Why does my cat knead me?” or “why do cats make biscuits?” Well, if you have, you are not the only one. In fact, most cat owners have such questions especially when they see their cat kneading.

Though we will get into the answers in a while, tell me don’t you just love when your cat sits on your back, or tummy purrs and kneads your skin?! I personally love it. I kind of feel that my cat is expressing its love.

But that was a while ago. I mean before I checked up why do cats make bread of course. So if you are trying to seek answers to the question, well here are all you need to know about cat kneading and a cat making biscuits.

Why Do Cats Knead Muffin- Reasons

Every time I see the cat kneading I used to ask myself “ why do cats knead muffins?” No matter what the reason they look extremely cute and lovable while at it. But there are reasons behind this activity of theirs.

Kneading can be understood as a repetitive action that a cat conducts, a rhythmic motion where they push their paws in some sort of a soft surface alternatively, that is one paw after the other.

While doing this, sometimes the cat extends its claws before they decide to push on the surface and then they react while pulling back. So while you may be asking “why do cats knead blankets?”, your cat is having a gala with its rhythmic motion!

Yes, as mentioned above, cat making biscuits is very adorable to watch, but it can be very uncomfortable at times.

While you may be wondering “why do cats knead their paws?”, you might just get pierced by the claws of your darling kneading your lap, and it will hurt.

Why do Adult Cats knead?

It is important to note that while kneading, some cats utilize just their forepaws, whereas other cats use all of their four paws.  They do this because it helps them to relax. Sometimes, with the kneading, they get themselves so relaxed that they start to drool. While doing this kneading ritual, a cat may knead a soft surface, a person or some pillows. Just anything soft works for them.

This relaxing exercise often makes their owners question “why do cats make bread?

What Do While When Your Cat Is Kneading:

Instead of asking around “what does it mean when cats knead” just get your cat in a comfortable position by making it lie on its side. This is the ideal position in which your cat can relax and finally go to sleep.

However, if that is not working, you can distract your cat if it starts to hurt you too much with its claws. Generally, cats are distracted easily. Thus with a toy around, they will forget all about kneading and start playing with the toy.

Now coming to the important question, why do cats make bread?

To begin with, it’s important to know that kneading is an instinctive activity among cats. This practice is first seen in kittens moments after they are born.  Here are a few reasons why cats knead:

They get relaxed while kneading.

They can stimulate the lactating process. In other words signal production of milk from the mammary glands.

Kneading is also done by cats to relax when they go through a stressful situation.

Kneading is a means that cats use to mark their human owners. They are very territorial and like their possession marked.

P.S thy use the sweat from their paw glands to mark their human owners.

There are multiple theories which try to answer questions like “why do adult cats knead?” or “ why do cats make muffins?” Diverse theories have come up with answers of their own.

As per one such particular theory, this kneading habits in cats have come from wild cats who built their nests using grass and leaves.

Like every other home, these wild cats to use their nests to give birth, care for their young ones and to rest after a long tiring day of hunting.

The same behavior can be seen in domestic cats who knead just before they call it a night. Additionally, female cats knead more when they go into heat.

Now that the main reasons for cat kneading have been understood, it’s time to answer the next most important question, what does it mean when a cat kneads you? Or why do cats knead on humans?

It is crucial to remember that your cat’s favorite place is on your lap. So you are most likely to feel all that love and kneading up close and personal.

Though all cats are territorial, there might be some cats who are more territorial than others. If you have one such cat, you might be kneaded upon even more if you are wearing a sweatshirt, a woolen shawl or other such comfy fabrics.


Well, these are surfaces which are extremely soft. Kneading you while you wear such fabrics is your cats way of telling you “just you and me, some fluffy pillows and a good night’s sleep”

Cats really knead and bite their owners to let their love be known. So if your cat kneads you often, the little fellow is smitten by you! Yes, the scratching and biting can be a really painful, but it’s their way of letting you know that they really love you.

However, some cats don’t extend their claws while kneading. So if your cat does not, it’s the best feeling ever.

For those who’s cat does extent claws, a little trimming of the claws might help. Or if you don’t want to clip the claws you can keep a soft blanket on your lap as a buffer before your cat jumps on your lap to sleep on it.

While one reason can be love, other times cats knead on humans to remember their fun times as a kitten. As known, kittens push and knead their mother’s belly in an attempt to get more milk.

This behavior of theirs can extend up to adulthood when they feel comfortable on your lap wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket, just like their mother’s belly.

But no matter what, there is nothing like the feeling of your cat purring on your lap, kneading itself to sleep while you can run your fingers through its fur.

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