It is harder than it sounds to leave a relationship with anyone whom you love, and many people don’t want to because they think it implies giving up.

We’re told we should never give up from a young age and this is good advice to a degree. However, it’s not necessarily so when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, learning how to let go and move on is the best thing for both of you when you love anyone.

#1 Involvement Of Two People

If you are going to find a job, finish a race or lose 10 pounds, the individual responsible for the results is you and you alone. It is up to you to set an objective and achieve it regardless of the barriers.

When you’re in a disturbing connection, there are two individuals there. And while you can be fully responsible for your behavior and your responses, you can not regulate your partner’s actions.

Maybe you decide to pay particular attention to look lovely and kind, but yourself still treats you like you are hideous and tells you terrible stuff. Or perhaps you decide that you will support him regardless of how bad his choices are and how bad his choices still influence his daily lives.

Or, maybe your personality is trying to change his behavior, but it doesn’t work for you, or perhaps it isn’t what you want. As a consequence, the connection is not healthier.

So, remember, don’t, if you chid yourself for “giving up.” There are two of you, and you both have to attempt to create it function.

#2 You Are Not A Superhero

Yes, we were told we should never give up. But it’s time to do just that.

Many of my customers have such weak interactions that their physical and mental health is impacted. You do everything you can to save your friendship, but your attempts are unsuccessful, and your connection is damaged.

Despite their efforts, they can’t make it function.

Recognize yourself for this. Did you do all you can to attempt and safeguard your connection, but still hit the brick wall? If so, recognize that you can’t modify some stuff, no matter how difficult you try.

#3 Is It An Excuse?

It’s tough to let someone go. We are afraid of the pain we know when we break up and fear that we will never again be loved.

Therefore we create every excuse in the globe to remain in the relationship, including one which makes us sound powerful.

So, wonder: are you really concerned about ‘giving up’ or are you a reason to remain, even if you are not pleased? It’s painful but not impossible to let someone go.

#4 Will It Be Bad?

Think of hill climbing. You can see the top, and you are dying, but you twisted your knee about a mile back, and it is getting sore. The pain is terrible, and you’re not sure that you can take another step.

What do you do? Do you continue, even if you understand that you might not be able to walk down? Or do you turn away knowing that your mental and physical health is the best thing?

The same is true of friendships. If you are mentally and physically harmed by your partnership, perhaps it is time to let go. Let us go so that in the globe you can be safe, happy, and functional.


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