Apps from the Windows store are varied and fit to any sphere of your work. Business apps are also not an exception. These days, the apps are often found to interest the companies rather than the consumers.

Windows 8 is the latest operating system that has come up with a huge array of business-friendly apps. These Windows 8 apps will readily transform your Windows devices into practical productivity powerhouses.

Windows Store has listed some of the best apps suitable for business. Take a quick look at the list.

Windows 8 Business Apps


Skype in Windows 8 OS provides you everything from effective communication, instant messaging to video chats and video calls. This is a proper app and so you can dock it at the side of your PC screen for tackling the sales calls and at the same time.

Continuing with the regular work in some other window. This app does not allow you to miss out on any of your prospects. When any of your colleagues try to get in touch with you a notification will pop up.


Windows 8 offers you 7GB SkyDrive storage capacity where you can easily sync your personal data and photos. But when it is about storing business data, many opt for cloud storage and here the Box comes to help.

The Business and Enterprise option of Box has work-friendly features such as document collaboration, a search of a complete text, uptime guarantee, restorable version of histories, and integration. This Windows 8 app has strong security, administrative control, complete audit trails, and so on.



Are you already using Evernote? If so, you very well know its utility and if you are not, then you are really missing out a powerful service.

It can store your audio files, pictures, and notes. Further, it can also organize and sync audio recordings over all the significant operating systems, whether it is on your mobile or on your desktop PC. This app has such a flexible service that you can run your whole business from Evernote.

TeamViewer Touch   

This is Windows 8 app is excellent for business professionals for some specific reasons. Many business houses have already started using this TeamViewer’s software. It exposes you to the entire global networking.

This handy software provides you certain authentication tools and business-friendly encryptions. Besides offering you remote desktop features, this software’s premium version also includes collaboration tools and remote meetings.

Microsoft Lync, Citrix Receiver, and Rackspace Cloud

Although Windows 8 is newly launched, yet many of the biggest enterprises have already started taking its support to meet the demands of their corporate clients.

This innovative Windows 8 app enables you to stay updated with your prospective clients and customers, access applications and files currently running, simple verification of your company’s status, and so on. This ensures that your business is able to subscribe to the corresponding services.

The list of business related apps is huge in Windows 8. Check out these apps and for further information, you can consult any expert.

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